Monday, October 16, 2006

update of sorts

- Monday: I hadn't told anyone about this except for Rodrigo. Last Monday I won a "win it before you can buy it" deal on a local radio station. I won the new Incubus c.d. Light Grenades and was signed up to win a trip for two to San Francisco for a secret show they're having there this weekend. Well, I didn't want to tell anyone so as not to spoil my chances. I didn't win the trip. BOO!!!!!!HISS!!!!! Oh well, I won the c.d. and will have a chance to wear it out before it is even available in stores. I rock.

- Wednesday: Jill held a story contest. I sent mine, made her laugh and won a goodie! I love all the things she makes so I can't wait. I rock. Jill rocks.

- Friday: Jenn held a contest for a bag of tasty looking bat cookies. I won. I'll be eating tasty cookies and you won't. Well, you won't be eating these at least. I rock. Also on Friday I received Jenn's O.G. book in the mail complete with O.G.'s autograph. Jenn and her O.G. rock.

- More Friday: When Bono says "go buy a (red) shirt, the next thing I do is go buy a (red) shirt. We went to the Gap on Friday evening to pick up our (red) gear and there was only ONE women's shirt left. That's right, ONE. Luckily it was in the size I wanted and the word I wanted. I got the desi(red) one. I wanted that one because of the U2 song. Rodrigo got the bo(red) one. Get yours here. I rock. Bono really rocks.

- Saturday: I couldn't wait to wear my (red) shirt and so I wore it to the game where Brianna was cheering at. This was also the day when they were going to take their team and individual pictures. I thought I was all cool with my shirt and took the girls to get their pictures taken. Unfortunately, I was not told that coaches would also be part of the team picture. I guess I should have assumed but I just didn't. You should know that uniforms are black and white and there I was in a bright red shirt. Luckily I'm short and the girls cover me up well. Hopefully. I still rock.

- More Saturday: Rodrigo's parents came to visit. I was glad since they've never come to visit us in Arizona. We had lunch, visited some and showed them the model for the house we're getting. I was worried Rodrigo's mom wouldn't be too keen on the model but she liked it. A lot. Because Rodrigo and I rock.

- Sunday: We did nothing special. Went to the grocery store and Target. Target rocks. Lazy Sundays rock.

- Today: I've been going CRAZY trying to make up moves for some new cheers. I can't believe I'm so into this whole cheering thing. Knowing that Brianna likes it so much and that the girls are doing soooooo well motivates me. I rock.

-I was also going to crazy trying to come up with a middle name for my neice who is scheduled to be arriving on Thursday. Her first name is going to be Alyssa. Any suggestions? My neice rocks. My little nephew who is now going to be a big brother rocks too.

feeling: incredibly tired
listeing to: LOUD, LOUD crazy kids


foodiechickie said...

You just drink a whole lot of coffee???? Heh heh. Yay for winning streaks.

Jesser said...

Hey Yvett ... YOU ROCK! hehehehhe

Yvett said...


LOL! Actually, I was just sooooooo tired. The kids were acting like they'd had sugar for dinner and so I came into the office to blog and let Rodrigo deal for a while. He followed shortly after.


You rock too. The thing is that I was saying that yesterday. I found some new little cheer and teaching Brianna. It says "The Raiders rock the house" and Brianna was saying "Yeah, because I rock". I thought it was funny and kept saying it. (pssst.... I rock).

Michelle said...

you SO rock!

And are so lucky...yay for winning!

Nanette said...

Yes, you DO rock! :)

foodiechickie said...

Ahh you had the punchies!! But the punchies rock. LOL.

justJENN said...

Hope those bats weren't too stale. Sorry. Vegan baking does that. That's why I love butter and eggs.


Yvett said...

Jenn!!!! Ohh.....I haven't gotten them yet! I'll be on the lookout today!