Thursday, October 12, 2006

zoo and project runway

Do you remember that movie Backdraft? Well, when we first moved to Arizona, I felt like when they opened the door and got blown away each time I opened the door and walked out somewhere. It was HOT! Now the weather is amazing! We are reaching the high 80's and low 90's for highs of the day. Beautiful. I can totally understand why October is the busiest wedding month here.
Brianna is on her last week of fall break and frankly, the kids are getting antsy now. So yesterday, I packed up a picnic lunch and took them over to the zoo. They got to feed the giraffes and loved that.
The zoo here is great. It is big enough to have a variety of animals but not so big that you get bored or tired. The kids loved it, of course.

Ok, so about Project Runway. . . . . Oh. My. God. I couldn't stand Laura last night. I've always liked her. Always, but yesterday she came off looking like she just couldn't stand any competition. Plus Jeffrey looked so hurt when she told him she didn't think he completed that collection himself. ARGH! I would've thrown a shoe at her. You know, I'd always liked her because of her designs but now that I think about it, she's badmmouthed so many people. She talked about Keith, Angela, Vincent, Kayne, Uli, Jeffrey. Yes, I know she speaks her mind, but she just seemed jealous. I mean, of course Jeffrey can sew. That's what he does! Doesn't she remember the couture challenge. Of course it's going to be much better if he has more time. That's what he does! Oh, I just can't wait for next week. I hated that preview where Jeffrey was seen crying. I know he showed his collection, I've seen the pictures, but is he still in the competition? Ah, man. Next Wednesday can't get here soon enough. Team Jeffrey.

feeling: anticipation
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Jesser said...

Ugh. Sorry, but I am *NOT* a Jeffery fan. He irritates me ... and I *HATE* the neck tattoo. But I don't like Laura either ... her designs are kinda ... old. Sadly, I think Jeffery's designs are probably the best. Too bad Michael over-did the bling thing. Blah.

Yvett said...

You know I hated the neck tattoo but when I found out it was his son's name and "The love of my life" in Italian, I found it sweet. You know, for style. I mean, I adore my kids, but I'm not going to tattoo their names on my neck.

Now I miss when Robert and Kayne would make fun of Laura.

Michelle said...

I am waiting to see the collections on my TV, so I haven't seen them yet. As for the whole Laura/Jeffrey thing...I don't think Jeffrey cheated. I do believe he is talented, though I wouldn't wear anything he has made thus far. However it turns out, though, they will probably all have successful designing careers.

Jesser said...

I suppose the meaning of the tattoo (which I didn't know) is pretty sweet, but the placement ... it just icks me out a bit.

Yvett said...

Oops, in my first comment I meant to type "for his style".

Rodrigo and I were "analyzing" his neck tattoo last night. Rodrigo just saw the latest episode when Jeffrey was talking about how he was going to hang himself and a friend saved him. Rodrigo asked me if he'd placed the tattoo there to cover a scar. I said I doubted it but maybe it was symbolic like his son has saved his life. Then we were saying maybe it was done subconsciously. As you can see, we think too much about things like this.