Wednesday, November 08, 2006

election results

Now that the results are in, I'm pretty pleased with the results. There were a few propositions that I was watching closely. One of them was a proposition to "protect marriage". I was SHOCKED that it was rejected. It was important for me to vote against it since Rodrigo and I are not married. It would potentially take away benefits and such (next of kin, life or death decisions). I know some people (like my mom) would say "well, just get married already" but really, if we do I want it to be because we thought it was time. Not because of a new law. I was almost sure the ban would pass because of all the older and conservative people that retire in Arizona but apparently many, many many of these retirees who have lost a spouse are now domestic partners with someone else of their age. Well, if they would get married, it would change their social security benefits, so they "live in sin" and voted against this proposition. Wow!
Anyway, I was reading one of our local papers online right now and I was shocked again. Shocked and sad really. We as a nation are sooooooo divided. Some of the comments I read were . .

- "now that the terrorists have won the election. ."
- "welcome to France"
- "It's the liberal media gloating"
- "hop the fence and go hide in Mexico"
- "It's all a liberal conspiracy"
- "Gays getting married is not at all, even remotely the same as heteros getting married"
- "you can make more sitting on your ass than picking produce"
- "At least now she can get some exercise since she'll be getting a bigger cage"

Isn't it just awful? Responses aren't much better just accusing people of crying and being racists and nazis. Sad, sad times. We need a leader that can unite and that people can admire and respect. Here's hoping. . . .

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Jesser said...

Good lord it's sad. Here our prop for the same thing (domestic partnership, not marriage) was rejected while a CONSTITUTIONAL AMMENDMENT guaranteeing that marriage is between a man and a woman passed (though this is already written in our legislature somewhere). I just don't get it ... especially when practically the whole derned state when democrat. I honestly consider myself to be NEITHER, preferring (generally) the republicans on fiscal policies and (generally) the democrats on social policies ... which is why I abstained in most elections for elected officials cuz I didn't like any of the candidates. Hehe ... stupid soap box. Can't get off it either.

foodiechickie said...

I was happy with the results too but was still shocked at how close the races were. It just shows that we are still a bit divided but want a change.