Saturday, November 18, 2006

loud house

My mom, dad and nephew are in town for the weekend. Yay for seeing family! Boo for the extremely loud house! You see the kids hadn't seen in each other for a while and of course all they want to do is play. Well, they want to play, scream, fight and cry, play, scream, fight and cry, play scream, fight and cry. You get the picture. It's funny that even though they end up fighting, they all just want to be together all the time. Poor Alec is getting bullied today. The youngest always gets it. They're playing Candyland in his room right now and he runs out crying every few minutes.

At today's football game Brianna had to audacity to tell her little cheerleader friends that she wishes she had a sister. I heard this and couldn't believe it. She hates when Alec goes into her room and gets things. I would imagine that a sister would be even more interested in her toys. Brianna would be mad all the time. I don't know. I think her chances of having a sister are slim to none. The older the kids get, the less I can imagine having another baby and just doing all the baby things over again.

Sorry, I have to go now. My mom has completely taken over my computer to play the all important Text Twist. I'm getting kicked out of the office.

feeling: happy to see my family
listening to: my mom telling me to move :)

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