Sunday, November 19, 2006

rhyme time

Rodrigo has this habit of changing words to things that rhyme with them. For example he calls Rob Thomas, Blob Thomas. Or the show Top Chef is Slop Chef. He's done this for as long as I've known him. At first, just like anything else he did, I thought it was the funniest, wittiest most novel thing in the world. Then it got a little annoying. Especially when he'd butcher lyrics (which is what he most often does). Now I'm just sort of indifferent for the most part. I'm just so used to it. We were in the car the other day listening to John Mayer. Rodrigo started singing "Your body is a blunderland". I had to laugh. Not so much because I thought it was funny but because he took a song which is a song that most any woman would love someone sing about them or to them, (imagine having someone actually write this song about you!) he changed a few letters and turned it into something so insulting. I mean, imagine someone actually telling you "your body is a blunderland". Unbelievable! I explained, we laughed and it was over for that. So I thought. He's now ruined the song for me. I heard it again and am now replacing blunderland for wonderland in my head. It completely changed the meaning of the song from something so sweet to something so 7th grade funny. I have to get back at him and ruin a song he likes. GRR!

feeling: annoyed
listening to: John Mayer (Belief)

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