Tuesday, December 12, 2006

quick apple post

I'm posting a quick, quick entry here. Once I get down to typing a real post, you'll understand that I've been busy!

So, Rodrigo and I say "How do you like them apples" playing around. I think I've mentioned before that we do a very annoying "1930's gangster" type accent which is quite hilarious. Well, to us at least. We were saying that phrase talking about people who were trying to outbid him in a recent Ebay auction. Then we started talking about how we wondered where the phrase had come from. I checked on Ask Yahoo and couldn't find the source. Rather than just try to research it myself, I submitted the question and forgot about it. I was checking email right now and nearly spit out my drink when I saw on my home page that my question had been used. BWAH, HA, HA, HA! Well, I'm glad to know the source. Look here.

feeling: super busy
listening to: Alec watching Go Diego


Jesser said...

That's so cool ... thanks for sharing. I love etymology! It's just so darned interesting. Did you know that the phrase "rule of thumb" comes from the actual LAW that was in place at one time (in many places, as I understand it) that you weren't allowed to beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb? Lovely, no? heheheh

Yvett said...

Yikes! So I guess women had to make sure they were marrying someone with narrow thumbs! LOL!