Monday, February 05, 2007

disloyal yvett

Let me start off by saying that I love my iPod. I love, love, love my iPod. It has been one of my favorite gifts from Rodrigo. He chose it pink for me and had my name engraved. Or not engraved, but had my name put on it. The only problem lately has been that my iPod is a mini. Minis were replaced by Nanos a while ago and I never find any accesories anymore for the mini. I can never find any sort of straps or bands so I can wear it out while walking. Still, I didn't want to replace my iPod. Then I saw the commercials for the new shuffles. The ones that are a little clip and I really liked that idea. The only reason I wasn't wanting one was that they were only white. The new colors were released recently and I secretly wanted one. The thing is that I still want my old iPod and only want the shuffle because it clips on. I have to say that they really had me with the "Wear your music" slogan. Anyway, Rodrigo went to some stores on Saturday and came back with this . . .

A pink shuffle for me! I have to admit that I love it too. I feel so disloyal to my existing iPod. I mean, I've had no trouble with it and am only hoping that it doesn't now break down because I'm liking another one.
I fully intend on still using my old one as much as I have before, which is mostly in the car. I don't use my mini to walk, so now they each have a purpose. Plus, the mini has a lot more storage, so I want that one just as much.
Can you believe that little shuffle thing is a music player? It's tiny! In the picture above, it is on top of one of the mini's "socks". I'm once again trying to carefully select all my songs that go in there. I went through all my iTunes and chose a few that I consider shuffle worthy. Share any song that you consider to be favorites. Suggestions are always welcome.

feeling: happy!
listening to: Incubus (Under My Umbrella)

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foodiechickie said...

Very sweet of Rordrigo. It's good you have two incase something happens to one though. Mine is pink too with foodiechickie engraved on the back from Niel.