Friday, February 02, 2007


Ok, I don't like griping about Blogger mainly because it's free. I'm not paying for this service, haven't paid for it for the three years I've used it and am not really interested in using a blog service with a monthly fee. Still sometimes I'm really tempted. My comments were down for THREE DAYS. Not one day, not two days, but three days. I couldn't even access my own comments other than by email. I was REALLY frustrated. If you tried to comment or view comments, you got this message

ARGH! Also, if I tried to comment on anyone else's page, it took three or four tries for the comments to actually take. Here's the thing. I like things that work. I like to leave something and know that it will work without me having to be monitoring. I guess everyone does, right? Not until tonight was I able to look into the problem and try to find some sort of solution. It was pretty evident that it wasn't going to get fixed on its own anytime soon. I looked into what other people were doing and the best thing I'd found was to change the address on the "we're sorry" error page by adding a number two right after the "www". Eh, too much of a hassle to ask you all to do. Then I was adviced to clear my cache and it seems to be working now. Whew!We'll see if this is up for good now. Comment away while you can.

feeling: relieved
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foodiechickie said...

Blogger does try one's patience at times. *Sigh*

jesser said...

Yea, I tried to leave you a comment a few times and I never had any luck!! I don't know how reliable the other free blogging engines are, but it might be worth a look. Wonder how much the pay ones cost?

Yvett said...

I've thought of typepad but I honestly don't want the hassle of switching over.