Thursday, February 15, 2007

valentine's day recap and links

We had agreed that we would have a really low key Valentine's Day. I was concerned because I didn't want Rodrigo to spend too much money. We'd just bought Brianna's bedroom furniture last month, he bought my iPod shuffle earlier this month and we bought Alec's bedroom furniture this past weekend. I told him that my shuffle could be my gift so I wasn't expecting anything. When he left to work yesterday he'd given me a giant chocolate bar which I thought was really cute. In the evening I received some pink, green and orange roses. My eyes teared up immediately. When I was working on a new blog template and trying to make a banner, I'd told Rodrigo about how I loved the combination of pink, green and orange. I was touched that he'd been listening, remembered and actually thought of it. He loves me.
As for the kids, well, they loved yesterday too. They think Valentine's day is a holiday for them too. Not like a lovey dovey holiday but a holiday when they can get goodies. Kind of like Halloween but sans costumes and with different color combos. Anyway, Brianna got a whole bunch of lip glosses (because I "never buy her any lip gloss". "Never" meaning I only buy her 3-4 lip glosses every month or so), a "fat cat" and several cards. She also received pencil, stickers, cups, erasers and about a million Valenines at school. Alec got cards, of course, a Milo and Otis movie which he loves but had never owned and a Lightning McQueen big cookie.

I also wanted to share some links that I've come across today . . .

- I think I'm going to print out a few pages of this article and just pass them out whenever another person asks me "So, when's the wedding?"

- I only have the rest of today to make some Chinese New Year crafts for 23 kids. Any simple ideas?

- I don't know how many of you have tried this new cereal but it is LOVED at my house. Rodrigo and the kids have already gone through three boxes in less than two weeks. I've only tasted about one spoonfull but it's pretty good.

- I received the new Red Envelope catalog yesterday and there are lots of nice St. Patrick's Day gifts.

That's all for today!

feeling: super busy making 12 hairbows and other crafts BY TONIGHT
listening to: Semisonic ? (Closing Time) <-- I think that's the name of the band. I hadn't heard this song in years


foodiechickie said...

That is very sweet!

Jodi said...

That's a great article! Don't you just wish people would mind their own business sometimes? It's like all the questions about us having kids. Just because we are married, doesn't mean we have to have kids. Geez!

Cool flowers! What a sweetie!

Michelle said...

what a sweetie! those flowers are gorgeous. I'm glad I came back to see the pictures. Love the new template too. Very clean and still very Yvett.