Monday, February 19, 2007

my cursing son

This past weekend, we went to watch "Bitch to Terabithia". That's right. According to Alec, that's what we saw. Neither Rodrigo nor I are big cursers. At least not around the kids. The only time I let go of the profanities is when I'm driving. Even then, they're not really curse words and mostly in Spanish (it sounds so much more dramatic that way).
Anyway, I first noticed that Alec couldn't pronounce "bridge" once when we were playing. We were being Dora and Diego and he said "Ok, now you be the bitch". I was shocked because I didn't know what he meant. Then he added, "You be the bitch and I be the troll".
Some other things that he's said are . . . .

- "Check out my fucky tires". -Being Lightning McQueen. The word should be "funky".
- "I like that red eyed tree fuck". -Talking about a frog.
- "Mama, you're not a fuck". - Again, a frog. I was saying "ribbit, ribbit".
- "Look at the cock". - A clock in a store.

So, we've just been trying to help him pronounce the words rather than laugh or make a big deal. I do find it funny, but if I laugh, he'll think it's cute and say it more. Seriously, I think people are going to think that we cuss up a storm at home and our poor kid has no choice.

feeling: tired
watching: The Tonight Show


Jesser said...

LOL! Those are some excellent misproununciations!

foodiechickie said...

LOOOL! My coworkers son can't pronounce truck so he says "Look at the fire fuck mommy!"

Michelle said...

that's hilarious! my mother has a hard time saying beach, it comes out as "we went to the bitch".

the what, mom?

ha ha!

wyn said...

Oh no! That's funny but I know what you mean about not doting on it because it's pretty shocking! Good luck gently weaning him from swearing. =P

Jodi said...

Oh boy! Another reason for me not to have kids...they'd have terrible potty mouths for real!