Thursday, March 01, 2007

random conversations

I've got nothing. I thought I'd share some bits of conversations we've been having here at Chez Yvett. . . .

- Alec: What are you doing?
- me: Getting ready
- Alec: with make-up?
- me: yes. it's lipstick
- Alec: I don't want to kiss you anymore
- me: why not?
- Alec: because you have make-up on your mouth
- me: it's lipstick. I put it on my lips to look pretty
- Alec: nobody is ever, ever, ever gonna kiss you because you have make-up on your mouth
(walked away and left me there) He's kept his word so far. All day he didn't let me kiss him.

- Rodrigo: What was the dentist's name again?
- me: Dr. Jaws
- Rodrigo: That's right! That's awesome! If my name were "Jaws" I'd have to be a dentist.
- me: that's not his name j.a.w.s. are his initials
- Rodrigo: well, if those were my initials, I'd have to be a dentist
- me: oh really? then why don't you work on the railroad? or why don't you run a bed and breakfast so that people can get some "R & R".
- Rodrigo: aish

- Brianna: did I tell you that Sarah lost her earring?
- me: WHAT? Sarah lost her ear?!?!
- Brianna: her earring! but she found it later on. What is she, Sarah Van Gogh?
-me: oh. I'm glad she found it. (thinking) wow. she knows more things than I realize.

- me to Rodrigo: quit making that face at me. you look like Gilbert Gottfried
- Rodrigo laughs
- me: hey, do you know who he is
- Rodrigo: Gilbert Gottfried?
- me: yeah
- Rodrigo: yeah I know who he is
- me: no, do you know who he does?
- Rodrigo: his wife?
- me: no! that duck
- Rodrigo: huh?
- me: he does that Aflac duck. that's him
- Rodrigo: oh. uh, ok.
- me: BWAH! HA! HA! Gilbert Gottfried does his wife! HA! -and I kept laughing for about 10 minutes.

- Alec: mama, what's this? (he was holding onto something small)
- me: oh, that's a . . uh . . . "lentejuela"
- Alec was satisfied with my answer and ran off
- Rodrigo: What the hell is that? Len . . te. .what?
- me: it's . . uh. . sequins! or sequin whatever, I couldn't remember the word in English
- Rodrigo: "lentejuela" that's a funny word
- me: si, cara de lentejuela
- we both laugh. I guess it is a funny sounding word.

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foodiechickie said...

The inside word of Yvett. Heh heh. Niel and I have those wacky conversations too. Good idea to post them occasionally.

Yvett said...

Hee, hee. It works well when you feel you're due for a post but have nothing to post about.

I could do this every day, really. Especially with Alec. His little 3 year old brain right now has him saying the silliest things!

Jodi said...

My childhood dentist was Dr. Hurt. No joke. My Mom worked for him too.

Jesser said...

Wow! blogger's actually going to let me comment. must be a blue moon.

I love this post. Totally cracks me up. I always say I'll remember funny things Matt says or funny conversations we have to blog about, but I always forget them by the time I sit down at the computer.