Tuesday, April 24, 2007

hello again . . . .

Here's what's been going on so far. . . . .

- We got our walk-through date and closing date for our new house. We move in about a month. Actually, exactly one month. We take possession on the 24th of May. We're planning on taking that week to paint, put up blinds and ceiling fans, etc. then completely move on the first. I am very excited to finally be going to our house but I hate that we have to move yet again.

- We were under the impression that Rodrigo's company would still provide packers and movers since this was considered a temporary home. Well, that's what we were told. I think it was more like a miscommunication between the relocation rep and us. The truth is that they would've moved whatever we had in storage but not in the home. We have nothing in storage and have to move ourselves. It's really not such a big deal, but when you think that you're going to have professionals pack and move for you and then you don't, it sucks. Oh well.

- When we first started up the contract for the house, we were given the credit rating. It was good but of course there was room for improvement. Rodrigo decided to pay off accounts he still had and close them. One of them is a credit card from a certain company that rhymes with Crank of Comerica (I don't want people's searches to lead them here). Anyway, he paid it off and closed it in July. In DECEMBER, we received a "courtesy statement" saying that the account was past due. There was some interest and then late payments. We sent the payment and it posted almost a month later. We called and were told that it might've been because of the holidays and half of the new late charge was taken off. Next month was the same thing. Since the account was now closed, we couldn't pay online. We called again asking why this was happening again and again half the late fee was removed. Then I saw a story on the news about how other people were trying to close their accounts with this same bank and had the same problems. Months and months of delays, fees, all sorts of problems that hadn't existed when the account was active. We called them told them that we were noting exactly when we were sending the payments, told them about the story we saw on the news and that we expected no more problems. After that the account closed and we didn't hear from them again.
Then we went to do another credit check for the home financing and the score was LOWER BECAUSE OF THIS CARD. We were LIVID. Because of their little schemes we were going to have a higher interest rate. We had to call again and speak to more of their customer service reps who really just told basically told us to shut up and go away. The thing is that we have everything, the courtesy bill, the check stubs, notes of the people we'd spoken to, dates when the payments were sent out. After we saw that there was no one that was willing to listen of help, we filed a complaint with the U.S. Treasury. Not even a week later, the credit card company was calling here talking to us like we were a favorite relative they hadn't seen in years. You should've heard their tone. They apologized and apologized and apologized and IT IS GETTING REMOVED FROM THE CREDIT REPORT. A-ha! Dirty rats. I knew it! Anyway, we're very relieved to say the least.

- I have a lot more to say. I'm going to try to post as much as I can within the next month. I also have about a million blogs and pages to read. Lots of catching up to do. Also, today In-n-Out Burger is opening in my city. Happy day! Uh, I just don't know if I want to wait hours for a burger today. Still, it's here now. No longer do I have to drive two hours for one of their burgers.

Have a good day. I'll be popping into your pages soon.

feeling: like I have soooooo much to do
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foodiechickie said...

Hopefully it will be a last move. For a long while anyway. So glad you got things squared away with the stupid bank/credit company. Finks. And congrats on the In N Out Burger. Lucky!

Jesser said...

YAY! This is so exciting. I can't wait to see photos.