Wednesday, April 25, 2007

dress-up school

It seems that Brianna's school has some sort of dress up theme all the time. Last week they had crazy hair day, pajama day, twin day, career day, sports day. This Monday and yesterday there was no theme. On Monday we got a notice about this week's dress-up days. Today is "Dress as a Literary character".

When you read what she says think of a sort of young valley girl, sarcastic, maybe Clueless type of accent. Then you'll get the full effect.

me: baby, who are you going to want to be on Wednesday
Brianna: (scoffs) uh, no one
me: are you sure?
Brianna: (scoffs) uh, yeah
me: I think you should think about it. I still have time to make you something
Brianna: (scoffs) you always want to dress me up and NONE OF MY FRIENDS ARE DOING IT.
me: ok . . . . .

Last night . . .
Brianna: you know how tomorrow we have to dress up?
me: yes
Brianna: Madison is going to be Junie B. Jones
me: oh really?
Brianna: yeah and Sarah has a Hannah Montana book and she's going to be Hannah Montana
me: oh
Brianna: oh and Lauren has some books, like all with the same characters I don't remember the name but she's going to be one of the characters named Violet
me: oh, The Boxcar Children?
Brianna: I said I don't remember the name. so . . . did you ever have to dress up like a story character
me: yup
Brianna: and who were you?
me: one time I was Strawberry Shortcake, I don't really know why and one time I was dressed sort of like a genie for a story called Arabian Nights. Both times were for a parade, though. Not for school
Brianna: oh. do you still have those costumes?
me: no baby (and since I knew where this was heading the whole time). are you now wanting to dress up?
Brianna: yes

We spent the next hour or so looking over things we already have. She has several costumes none of which she wanted to wear. A fairy? Nope. A cat? Nope. Minnie Mouse? Nope. A geisha? Well, that's probably inappropriate. A cowgirl? Nope. I finally just asked who she wanted to be and she said Hermione. Great. Ok, now let's see white blouse? Check. Skirt? Check. Robe? Uh, nope but we could improvise with a cape sort of thing. Tie? Check. Gryffindor scarf? Nope. Time to make one? Nope. I improvised and printed out a Gryffindor emblem and attached it to a black tote bag. I just wanted her to have the colors. I braided her hair last night so that it could be wavy. It worked. We seemed to have pulled off the look this morning. She has a wand but didn't want to take it insisting that they didn't "have to have an entire costume". At school I saw a girl dressed like an elephant, red riding hood, several very long dresses and lots of whimsical outfits all of which I didn't know who they were.

Note to self: if there is a dress up day, prepare yourself. Even if she says she doesn't want to do it, she'll end up wanting to at the last minute.

I think I should keep all sorts of costumes at hand. Then again, she's still growing. For the rest of the week we have pajama day again and Hawaiian day. We're ready for both.

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foodiechickie said...

I wish my school had dress up when I was younger.

Yvett said...

I do too but not so often. Well, I guess I wouldn't have cared as a kid. I like how it makes the kids excited.