Monday, May 07, 2007

model homes

My kids may never have been camping a day in their lives, they've never been fishing and have never run a lemonade stand, but they know model homes. That's right. They have the whole model home thing down.
Ever since we moved to Arizona, we started visiting MANY, many model homes. At first we would go to the model of the house we're having built. After that, we started visiting those of other builders. Some just to look at the layout of the house. Others just to get decorating ideas. So far, we have visited the models for this, this, this,this, this and this builder. Those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head. We have spent entire weekends just going from model to model. All of us love it. The kids now have a game where they choose their bedroom first (they're mice in this game for some reason) then one of the mice is trapped somehow and the other has to save it. Weird, but whatever. Brianna has now also taken to carrying around a little notebook and writing down colors or things she'd like in her room. She has a little purse where she carries around that notebook, some pencils and paint chips. I'm probably setting up the kids to be major dorks when they grow up, wanting to talk about interior decorating instead of sports or something. :P

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foodiechickie said...

LOOOL! People pay a lot of money for home decorators so maybe they will get into that field and be on HGTV! Are those pics of the inside of your completed new house?

Yvett said...

I wish! No, those are pics I've taken at some of the model homes. Since I always have my camera in my purse I have literally HUNDREDS of pictures of the models we've seen. They're coming in really handy now that we're picking color schemes and such.

Jesser said...

That is toooo funny. You guys must be having so much fun getting the house together.