Tuesday, May 22, 2007

yvett the hypochondriac

Due to all the expenses we have right now, we had agreed to no gifts for a while. For Mother's Day, we said I was getting a house. For Rodrigo's birthday, he's getting a house. For Father's Day, he's getting a house; and for my birthday, I'm getting a house. For the first two, though, we cheated and still got each other something. I bought Rodrigo the first season DVD of House. We didn't start watching until this season, so it's good to see the beginning of the whole story. Since we started watching, though, I have become a total hypochondriac. This past weekend I was convinced that I was a leper. So far I've also had ticks, tapeworms and no doubt there will be some medical reason why someone will have to stick a needle in my eye.
This morning I woke up with a sore throat, the inside of my ears hurt, and I'm coughing. At any other time, I would've thought that I was coming down with a cold or allergies. Now that we've seen about 17 episodes of House in about a week, I'm thinking of all sorts of other things that this could be. Hmm . . .
For now, I'm just going to some allergy medication.

feeling: ugh
listening to: RHCP (Snow)


Jesser said...

Hehehhehehehe ... a House, a House ... a season of ... HOUSE!. Haha. Ok maybe I'm easily amused.

Anyhoo... hope you feel better.

foodiechickie said...

That is funny. I thought the same thing. You brought a house and you got the first season of House. Is it subconcious? Hope the allergy medication puts your fears to rest.

Yvett said...

Yeah, we joked about that too. I told him, "well you said you were getting a house".
The allergy medication worked and so I had to rule out meningitis and such.

Jessica said...

That's funny-lots of houses!
I seem to think I have symptoms of stuff when I watch stuff like that!