Thursday, June 21, 2007

baby names

I'm not pregnant. I don't plan on being pregnant anytime soon or maybe ever again. Yet I am always thinking of baby names. Is that normal? I hear a name and think "oh, that's a nice name" or "what a horrible name". I usually try it out like how it would sound with our last name(s). I think about what I'd name a new baby. A girl, a boy, twin girls, twin boys, twin boy and girl.
The problem is that if I really had to name a baby, and I was able to do it just on my own, that baby would end up with a weirdo celebrity baby name. Names like Echo, Desert or Stellar. Yeah, I would do that. Luckily, I don't think ANYONE in my family would approve. That would stop me.
I find it funny how something like names is sooooooo subjective. I mean you can have a friend with similar tastes on almost everything except for names. Hmm, I wonder if any of my friends hate my kids' names and just never mentioned it. Uh, do you?

I just found this article. See what I mean? I bet you these people's friends and relatives didn't think they were crazy before. Brianna and Alec are lucky they aren't named Hello Kitty and Bono or BrandonBoyd (one word).

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Jesser said...

Hehehe. "I'm not pregnant. I don't plan on being pregnant anytime soon or maybe ever again." So noted!! :)

I like names too... I think they're just interesting, sociologically speaking. I use up all my fave names that I can't name my future kid(s?) on my Sims. There's a Strawberry in SimLand. ;)

I think your kids' names are very nice. I would never have picked Brianna personally because I knew a Brianna who was a real ... anyhooo, but just like with all names, once you know someone, it's just their name and you like it cuz you like them.

Anonymous said...

I think about names too. They were really doozies too. Niel nixed them all. Well the only two he heard. For girls for a while I liked Kendall and Langley. Niel wanted to know why I thought I was living in a soap opera.


Anonymous said...

Yvett you can still participate. Just leave a comment on Shannon's site.

You can even post them on Monday like me:)


Bailey said...

I have baby names picked out. My mistake was telling a friend who almost named her first baby the name I had picked out! Just like men you don't steal a baby name.

domestic girl said...

My husband has what would be considered a "normal" name that is always on the popular baby names list. However, I have a first name that I always needed to spell and people always mispronounce. So when we do have children, I'd like our children to have "normal" names while he is all for the unusual names. Ack!

Michelle said...

I'm not pregnant either, but I'm thinking about baby names too....for someday, maybe. But there's a prerequisite that my Mom can pronounce it easily with her Korean accent. R's and L's really are hard for her to get out.