Monday, June 25, 2007

Brianna Montana

Brianna is eight years old. Most of the time, she acts like she's 13 or so. If any of you have ever watched Hannah Montana then you can imagine how she talks. She talks just like her. In fact, all her little friends do. When I ask her something, she kind of scoffs and answers "Ye-es". You know, "yes" or "yeah" pronounced with two syllables instead of one while rolling her eyes at the same time. So, it's easy to treat her like if she were older. She acts older. Then every once in a while she says something that makes me realize just how young she really is. Last Christmas she did it with her Santa plans. These past few days, she's had several of these moments.

- She asked me how come black and white colored cows make white milk. She was wondering how come it was white and not black. I explained that all cow's milk was white no matter what color the cow was. Then she went on to tell me that I was wrong. That brown cows make chocolate milk.

- She and Alec were watching The Wonder Pets episode where they save a unicorn. She asked me where unicorns lived. I told her they were fantasy creatures and didn't really exist and again she explained that unicorns were horses but with a horn. Then she explained that zebras were white horses with black stripes.

- A few minutes later she asked me if dragons were only found in China. Again, I explained about make believe creatures but I don't think she believes me. Her school had a pretty big Chinese New Year celebration this past school year and they learned about the Chinese zodiac. She says dragons wouldn't be on there if they weren't real.

I think it's funny how she tries to convince me by explaining all these things to me. I've told her the truth about all these but I don't really think she believes me. She does afterall, know much more about anything than any of us.

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Jesser said...

Ahhhh .... the 8 going on 18 syndrome. hehe I bet she comes running for mommy when she's scared or hurt though.