Wednesday, June 13, 2007

thirty something

My birthday is on July 11th. Get ready. I used to love telling everybody when my birthday was and made a huge deal. I'd celebrate my "birthday week" which ALWAYS starts off exactly one week before my birthday with a huge nationwide fireworks display. Heh, heh.
These past few years have not been too thrilling for me as far as my birthday goes. I HATED turning 29 and 30. Thirty just sounds so old. Remember being 21 talking about some "old" person saying "he's like 30"? I hated, hated, hated turning 30. For some reason, though, I think 31 doesn't sound as bad. Or maybe I'm just more comfortable. We were talking about being "thirytysomething" and started talking about that old show. Do you remember that? I was a kid and didn't watch it, but weren't they like super serious? Also, didn't they look old? Maybe it was just the late 80's style that makes them look that way.

Although I'm not having a fit about getting older this year, I think I have more questions now.

- Am I completely immature for my age?
- At what age is one considered a spinster?
- Am I still a spinster even though I have kids?
- How should I be dressing now?
- Do I dress too young? Too old?
- Why am I still watching MTV?

Oh, nevermind. I could be here all day.

feeling: HOT <-- as in temperature, not as is amazing body
listening to: The Jesus and Mary Chain (Just Like Honey)


Anonymous said...

LOL. I never liked 30 Something probably because I couldn't relate. Maybe I would appreciate it more now. I so would NOT consider you a spinster. Just because you are not legally bound does not mean you're not bound to Rodrigo. I also don't think you're immature. I only know you from the blogsphere but consider you pretty cool. And we grew up with MTV of course we would still watch it! I so can relate to the dressing thing. I don't know what to do about that. But it will come to us.

Anonymous said...

That was me. Sorry forgot to sign my name.


Nanette said...

My birthday is July 10! I turn 30 this year.