Monday, July 16, 2007

back to school

Brianna went back to school today. She's now a 3rd grader and I am officially uncool. Last year we lived walking distance from her school. This year, she'll be riding the bus. I supposed technically, it's still walking distance, but come on, I live in Arizona. It would mean we'd practically get heat stroke by the time we get to school.
Anyway, I decided that I would take her today. I'd walk her to class and all that good stuff. We get there and there is not a single parking space anywhere near the school. Cars were parked for BLOCKS! I felt like parking at our old rental house and just walking from there. I was driving around thinking surely somebody must be leaving soon but people were busy video taping their kids getting out of the car. Uh-huh, PEOPLE WERE TAPING THEIR KIDS GETTING OUT OF THE CAR. And these weren't little kindergarten age kids like this is their first day of school ever. No, these were kids right about Brianna's age who were at this same school last year. I thought I was seeing wrong or maybe there was just one set of parents like this then I saw about five more video cameras. These parents were just smiling and filming their kids walking. Walking. Those poor kids looked so embarrassed.
Ok, so maybe I'm a bad mom. I only take pictures on the first day. I didn't film Brianna's first steps ever as a third grader. Next year I'm going to out-do all these people and have a freakin' press conference at the school. Paparazzi and helicopters flying over.
Tomorrow is the first day for the pre-k class Alec is in. There I can understand video cameras. I'll be the mom that'll only let go of her kid to take pictures in between sobs. I'll let you all know how that goes.

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Jesser said...

I can help. I'm genius at writing press releases. We'll get CNN to show up and that scary chick from Fox ... Gretta sommat ...

Michelle said...

i don't even have a video camera....will that make me a bad parent even though currently, I don't have children?