Tuesday, July 03, 2007

enjoy the silence

You know how teenagers sometimes throw parties when their parents are away? I feel like one of those teenagers right now. Except my kids are away. My parents and nephew came yesterday, picked up my kiddies and they're off to SoCal. Let me tell you, my mom is crazy for Disneyland. She absolutely LOVES going there. So she's taking the grandkids for the 4th of July. Uh, better her than me. I think it's funny because it's just her and my dad at home now. They could take a nice vacation just the two of them. Instead, they opt for Disney with the kids. Odd.
So now I'm here by myself. Rodrigo is at work and this house is soooooooo quiet. Ahh...... The only time it's like this is when they're asleep. Right now I was able to be in the bathroom for as long as I wanted without hearing "mama, mama, mama" or pounding on the door.
So, we have all sorts of things planned. Is it horrible that we planned things for when the kids aren't here? Rodrigo and I are meeting for lunch, going to the movies, heading to some serious shopping, going out to dinner and of course tomorrow, sleeping in late. We'd go out clubbing or something if we weren't so old. :P

feeling: Ahhhhhhhh
listening to: NOTHING!


Anonymous said...

In a way you're on a vacation too. LOL. Have a good time.


Jesser said...

heheh. That sounds kinda nice. I must say since Tabby was born the big thing I miss is being able to go to the movies. We still go to dinner and museums and stuff like that, but we have not yet attempted a movie with her.

Enjoy the silence. ;)