Thursday, August 16, 2007

antagonizing the neighbors

We're new to this neighborhood. Well, everyone is as this is a new community. We really don't know very many people yet. We know our next door neighbor and he is the type of neighbor everyone dreams of having (this probably deserves it's own post later). We've met a few familes at the park and that's really it. So, I was dropping off Alec at school and one mom started talking to me.

her: hi

me: hi

her: I've been wanting to talk to you. You live in the corner house on "my street name" right?

me: yeah, that's us

her: you and your husband are the basketball players, right?

me: (here I was trying very, very hard to not burst out laughing. BASKETBALL PLAYERS?!?! Anyone who knows us knows that we are the LAST people you'd think of as any sort of sports players. I was trying so hard not to laugh that I couldn't answer

her: we always see your guys playing basketball at the park

me: (thinking "please don't laugh, yvett. calm down, breathe") Yeah, well, the kids really like going to the park (that's all I could finally manage to say.)

She went on to introduce herself, tell me where she lived and said she hoped to see me soon. I said bye and stayed there feeling like the hugest assh*le in the world. What the heck is wrong with me? Why can't I control my laughter? How old am I? I was convinced that she left thinking that I was either a jerk or mildly retarded. Great. Between that neighbor lady that wants me to watch her kid and now this lady, I'm going to be mean and/or crazy lady that lives in the corner house.
Oh, and we don't play basketball, by the way. Alec has a basketball that he always takes to the park. Only once we get there, he won't play with it. Rodrigo and I have started playing "Horse" with each basket being one point instead of a letter. Now every time we go, we play because we each want to be the super horse champion of the world.

feeling: like an idiot
listening to: Pixies (Where is my Mind)


Anonymous said...

You've got quite interesting neighbors their Yvett. ;)


Jesser said...

LOL! You have such amusing stories. I'm going to start calling you Air Yvett!

Ashley said...

Too funny! I could see me doing something like that.
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