Wednesday, August 15, 2007


You guys have heard about Loteria, right? It's like a Mexican version of Bingo. I remembered because I saw a commercial on Bravo where there were some drag queens playing bingo. They said something like "if you want to date Michael Jackson, you must B-14". Well, this reminded me because in Loteria, there's all these sayings for each card. I never knew them. My dad knew a few but he'd mostly just make them up on the spot to make us laugh. My grandmother said she vaguely remembered some but not many at all. For a while there, I really wanted to find out the sayings and they were nowhere online. (this was in about 2001) So I had been asking some friends and one of them said that her mom knew the sayings. She told me that the next time they played, she'd write them down for me or else she'd just ask her mom. A few weeks later, she took me a sheet of paper with the loteria sayings. I thanked her but there was only one on there. I noticed and told her. She explained that at first she forgot. Then her mom was talking too fast and then she was just concentrating on the game. Argh! Her answer sounded so "Three Stooges" to me that I felt like slapping her or poking her eyes while saying nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.
Anyway, I never did get them. I started writing here to ask my Spanish speaking buddies (which I like to call "my lurkers who never comment") if you guys knew them to send them to me. Then I looked up "loteria" on wikipedia and all the sayings are there! Only my heart is now sinking to see that neither my kids nor Rodrigo would understand any of these. Oh, and I don't even own a loteria game. That can be fixed. Uh, so do any of you know the saying with maybe a little more "border Spanish"? I don't mean to throw in English words but something more like the phrases they'd say at like church bazaar games? There's no real reason I want them, so there's no hurry. I'll be your best friend!

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