Monday, August 13, 2007

i hate people

Have I ever told you that I hate people? Well, I do. I could go for a while without hating someone, then one jerk has to come along and remind me that I hate everyone. There is now a lady whose name I just found out, who I had never spoken to before other than "good morning" that is making me furious right now. She feels that since I don't work, since I have a daughter and since "I drive by all the time and I always see your car here" that I should watch her child. She came over to my house and I thought she was here to sell me something. I recognized her from the kids' bus stop but we had never had a conversation before.
She started telling me that she worked a lot, she can't find anywhere else to leave her kid and that she's been driving by to see if I'm here and I am. Therefore she was going to drop off her daughter here at 6:00 am then the kid goes to school. After school she would be here until 8:00 pm.
Uh. . . . . I was shocked at how she was sort of telling me and not asking me. I told her that I couldn't and she made a face like I had just kicked her dog. She sort of scoffed and said "but you don't work". I felt she had a lot of nerve. She doesn't know whether I work or not. I could work from home. She knows NOTHING about us. How could she want to just leave her child here. I mean, she didn't even know my NAME until that same day. She then gave me that "I drive by all the time . . ." sentence and I was getting really mad. Because I'm an idiot, I went on to say things like "Yeah, I've been home lately, but my kids are in sports and cheer leading and once that starts up again . . . . ." She interrupted me by saying that I could take her daughter too. I told her that I actually do the cheer coaching and I couldn't watch her. She said that her daughter could play with the girls. I couldn't believe I was having to give explanations. Now I think of about a million things I should've said but at that moment, I was saying things like "uh, duh, uh . . . ." There's no real reason why I don't want to watch her kid. I just think I felt like she was pushing her on me and was making me feel obligated somehow. I'm just not keen on the idea of having to look after somebody else's kid. I mean, if I wanted to watch more, I'd have another one. Either that or place an ad saying that I'd do it. I've never even offered to anyone. ANYONE! By 8:00 pm I've already helped my own children with homework, fed them dinner, gone wherever we need to go, bathed them, talked to them. I mean, we have a sort of routine that I like having. The whole family dynamic would change.
Anyway, I kept telling that lady that I couldn't do it. All she kept saying was that of course she would pay me and to think about it. I still said no. She said that it would be good for the girls to play together. Still no. She left and said "Just think about it for a day and I'll come by tomorrow". That was last week. I haven't seen her since. The thing is that now, she's not even watching her own kid at the bus stop. She always had before. Now she just has her daughter go to me. This morning I was shocked and furious when we opened the door to walk out of our house and the little girl was there. She said hi and started walking behind us to wait for the bus. I don't even know where this person lives or else I'd have gone and told her that I am not responsible for her child. WTF! Why does this kind of crap always happen to me?!?!?! I was talking to Alec's teacher about this last Thursday. (because like the idiot that I am, I was asking around to see if there were openings in the kid care there) Anyway, the teacher told me that I have a kind face and so people tend to try to take advantage. I was a little surprised because I had been told the same thing before not too long ago. I think I'm going to walk around snarling all the time now.
I did a search for "I'll watch your kid ads" in this area and there's like a million. Why the heck does she want ME then? Anyway, this Saturday night, I dreamed that she had brought her daughter over with a whole bunch of luggage and was forcing her to stay here. I was thinking about how careless this lady is. I mean, like I said, she knows nothing about us. What if we were some sorts of perverts or criminals? She has no idea who lives here. What if someone in my family was sick and needed care? What if I came and blogged everything she told me :P
Ok, so here is where I'm judgemental. She said that both she and her husband work very long hours. Twelve hour shifts and longer. Fine, but I can't help but wonder about her priorities. I mean, she came in a super luxury car. The kind that someone like me who knows nothing about cars still knows that these are super expensive "rich people" cars. So where are her priorities? I mean, drive whatever you want and work as much as you need to afford your lifestyle, but don't make other people care for your responsibilities. How could she just want to dump her child off on someone who she just met? -I step off my soapbox-

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Elaine said...

Three words: Sabes que? No! Even people who don't know spanish can figure that one out.

Unbelieveable! I could see this totally happening to me with me going, uh, uh, uh... I'm all for helping someone out here and there, but she is asking entirely too much. If she's willing to pay, there are other options (except, most places don't stay open until 8:00 PM). Or, maybe you could adopt her daughter.

I don't think you're being judgemental. You are probably correct. It's sounds almost like her child is an inconvenience, at the very least, an afterthought. I hope she doesn't have anymore until she gets her priorities straight. Sheesh!

Ashley said...

Are you kidding me??? This story is unreal! I would be pissed too. I would say that I'm shocked at your story, but people never cease to amaze me. WOW! If she works all the time, how in the world does she know that you are home a lot? I truly feel sorry for her daughter.

One Chick's Journey

Jordan said...

Ahhh yvett, you're a misanthrope after my own heart. WTF is wrong with people?!? I absolutely cannot believe this beeyotch is dumping her kid on you!! I wanna help you think up really great revenge strategies ... my babysitter's ex hubby left his cat at his old house when he moved to CA and my babysitter airmailed the cat to him, but I don't suppose that would work in this instance. Wonder if you could like call her mom ... or her priest ... or social services or something. :P

Yvett said...

Thanks for understanding, ladies. Here I thought I was making a big deal of things.
She has a baby too, by the way. I don't know if she is on maternity leave right now, what her plans are for the baby or anything. Other than feeling terrible for the kids, I don't care.

Anonymous said...

Oh my freaking hell. What is wrong with people? I am so mad. She has the nerve to demand and when you repeatdly say no she still drops her kid off. You ask the little girl where she lives and you show up to the house and tell the woman what you feel about it. Everything even the priority part. Eww what a bitch. I feel bad for her kids. Sorry you have to go through this.

domestic girl said...

Wow... there really are some bad parents out there. I feel so sorry for her child.

I can't believe some people behave in such a manner that you feel like you need to explain yourself when really they have a lot of explaining to do for their own horrific behavior!

Jodi said...

Wow. Just wow. People are unbelievable, aren't they?