Tuesday, August 21, 2007

kid's new shows

The new fall season is about to start and with it there are always new shows. Alec is a Nick Jr./Noggin fan and so I'd seen the commercials for new show called Yo Gabba Gabba. Ever since I first heard their ear worm, Party in my Tummy, I'd been wanting to watch this. Then I heard that the creator was a guy who was in Gleaming the Cube. Also that guests would be Tony Hawk, Biz Markie, Elijah Wood and Julius the Monkey. They had me at Tony Hawk. Let's see . . . dancing robots, someone I had a HUGE crush on as a teenager and music that is going to make my son dance (and more importantly, me laugh at him) uh, yeah, I want to watch that. Well, it premiered yesterday and I missed it. Alec watched it and like it, of course. I'm not too concerned since I know it'll be on about a million more times.
Brianna, on the other hand, is excited about a new show that's going to be on the Disney channel. It is called The Wizards of Waverly Place. Guess what? It is about a family of wizards where the kids are wizards in training. Sound familiar? I'm only shocked it's taken this long. Oh, and I sounded like a huge racist asking Brianna if the family was Asian. I thought "Waverly Place" was a reference to Joy Luck Club. Oops.
So, I am totally uncool and up to speed on what new kid shows are out there. I know nothing about new primetime shows. All I hear is about new reality shows so I haven't really been interested. Oh, and Chuck. It hasn't even started and I'm already tired of it. :P

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Jesser said...

Oh yea, well I can sing the theme song to Little Einsteins! Beat that!! Oh wait, maybe you did. Kiddie shows are all I've watched in WEEKS. Maybe now that things are slowing down. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

You have to watch Flight of the Conchords. You can see old episodes on HBO. They are coming back with a second season. I think you would enjoy it.

I don't have kiddies but I totally watch Disney Channel. Can't help it. :)


Anonymous said...

I just youtube all that stuff so I give it to the Kid in 3 minute increments. HA.