Wednesday, August 22, 2007

really late

Hey, have you heard about this cool new literary character named Harry Potter? Well, I just started reading the series. Yes. I JUST started reading them. I've seen the movies. The whole series for me is one of those books that you mean to read and just never get around to it. My mom has been urging me to read them for ages. What finally made me start is that I want to read the last book. I figured I should start from the beginning. I can say for sure that I'm glad I saw the movie first. I pretty much already knew what was going to happen. Had I not known, I wouldn't have been able to get my nose out of the book. Ok, I can see why people love it. I finished book one in a flash. Luckily, the day I finished it, Rodrigo had come home with the next two books for me. (say "awwwww" everyone)
I thought this even before reading them, but I should say it anyway. I am beyond praise for Ms. Rowling. I mean, she created a whole new culture. I know there are many authors that have recurring characters in their books but isn't she one of the few that actually had them grow up and follow their lives. She is amazingly creative and now a billionaire for that. That's right. With a "b". Why can't I do something like that?
It was a dark and stormy night . . . .

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Jesser said...

LoL! They are so darned enjoyable. Hope you're enjoying them. What you really need is the audio books on MP3 ... which I may or may not have. ;)

Diana V said...

...where's the rest? I think you would be great at writing a book. Hell, you've had me hooked all these years on reading your blog:p And to think you could have be a 'b'illionaire.

Anonymous said...

I have never read them(& I love to read) either but seen all the movies!


Michelle said...

I think it's a better idea to read them all consecutively. I forgot so many of the details between books. But they are very good, and it seems as though they're never long enough.

Nanette said...


I've never read them, nor seen any of the movies.