Friday, October 26, 2007

quickie post . . . halloween tip

I really need to stop being such a slacker about posting here. It's getting pretty redundant to say that I'm busy. I just have to get used to it and make the most of it.

Ok, so since I'd adamant about posting more often, let me start off by not making my posts novel long. . . . . .
I don't like to give decorating advice since taste varies so much, but I really liked this. We were looking for some more Halloween decorations that we could make at home. We were thinking about some sort of creepy portraits since we have the whole wall going upstairs to work with. Well, I did a search for civil war and one for Victorian era. I found some cool pictures of people from that time. We just printed them out, made some frames (because I didn't want to use my nice frames) hung them and added a spider web around it. It is the only decoration we have that we didn't have to buy anything for and I think it looks the creepiest. I only regret giving away my old picture frames since old frames painted up black and silver would've been awesome!

So that's it for now. I uploaded some new pictures on flickr. Oh! I had someone tell me that I take bad pictures because you can never really see the people. Uh, you all realize that those are just the public pictures, right? If you really want to see ALL the pictures, add me as a friend. Anyone that comes here to my blog is welcome to see those. I just don't like having too many public pics because I get creeped out about internet weirdos. Let me know if you need a flickr invite. There will be more pictures in the next few days, we have a full weekend ahead.
Last thing . . . if you guys have any easy recipes for creepy Halloween food, please let me know. Our house is going to be the meeting place for a few trick or treaters this year. It seems that all of my kids' bestest, bestest friends all live around here. A house full of three to eight year olds . . fun, fun, fun.


Anonymous said...

You clever woman you!!

Oh here are some links for Halloween recipes. I always like Deviled eggs but not sure how much kids like hard boiled eggs if not on Easter.,1972,FOOD_9836_14672,00.html


Yvett said...

Thanks, Ani! I'm still sitting here making of list of things these kiddies might eat. You know they want to be grossed out on Halloween.

Nanette said...

Very clever decor!

Vanessa said...

Great idea with those old photographs! I'll have to tuck that one away for next year!