Tuesday, October 16, 2007

that mom

Yesterday was back to school after what seemed to be the longest three weeks of my life. Every day the kids would be wanting me to keep them entertained with something. In these past weeks we decorated for Halloween, made some crafts, practiced writing (with Alec), began t-ball practices and games, began cheer practices and games, went to cheer camp, went to the zoo, went to the library, went to the park, took lots of pictures, had the kids help with dinner, had them set the table, polish the banister, just anything, ANYTHING that would keep them occupied for a while.
Yesterday morning, Brianna left for school and everything felt calm for a while. I was on the phone with my mom criticizing moms who I consider irresponsible ( this mom to be exact. She still leaves her kid outside by herself and now the little girl has been running out to the middle of the street). Anyway, I was going on and on about how some people don't care about their kids, blah, blah. We hung up and I grabbed my planner to see what we had pending this week: cheer practice, t-ball practice, due date for library dvd's, Alec's pictures are ready, field trip to pumpkin patch, Fool's Hollow/Japanese Ghost stories celebration, Rodrigo's company open house, Brianna's game, Alec's game, cheer leader trophy order form due, Brianna's book report, Alec's parent/teacher conference . . . .wait. What?!?!? Alec's parent/teacher conference which was scheduled two hours before I was reading this. CRAP! I completely forgot about it. I was super embarrassed having to reschedule. The teacher thought it was pretty funny but I feel like that mom. Oh God, can you imagine? Alec's first ever parent/teacher conference and I forgot. I might as well just throw him out to play on the street now.

feeling: like the worst parent ever
listening to: The Church (Under The Milky Way)


Jesser said...

aha. That always happens to me. My smugness bites me in the ass. Doesn't stop me from being smug though.. hehe. Who the heck knew kids had so gosh darn many appointments associated with them, anyhow??

Anonymous said...

You are so not like that mom!

I wonder if there is anyone you can tell on her that she leaves her kids alone. So dangerous.