Tuesday, November 06, 2007

autumn envy

The teaser that the meteorologist used last night right before commercials was, "Say goodbye to the 90's". Of course Rodrigo and I started being dumb saying that he meant things like "Stop wearing the clothes you wore in high school. Time to stop quoting Seinfeld. Quit listening to Pearl Jam.", but we knew that he meant the weather. Today is supposed to be the last day that we reach 90 degrees. Whew! Yes, I know I always go on and on about how "I leeve in haat weather" (doing an Uli impression). It's time, though. I am sooooooo ready to wear something other than summer clothes. I'd like to wear pants and closed shoes. I'm ready to bake without dreading the heat. Plus, I keep seeing all these cooking shows that talk about "Now that it's cooler . . . .". ARGH! Not here. Here you still want to be drinking liquids all day. Anyway, it seems that we'll be cooling off to the 80's at least by the weekend. Hey, it's something.
Speaking of things that happen elsewhere but not here . . . daylight savings time. We don't do the time change here in Arizona. Nope. So during the summer we're in Pacific time and now we're in Mountain time. Everybody changed and we didn't. It's pretty cool that we don't have to get used to time changes, but . . . . our t.v. viewing schedules change. Only the local channels stay the same. The other channels we watch (Bravo, Food Network, Noggin, Disney Channel) all change so if we usually watched something at 9:00 pm, now it's on at 10:00 pm. Suck! I'm looking forward to Project Runway which won't be airing here until 11:00 pm. Blah, blah, blah . . .

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Jesser said...

I talked to a contact of mine who lives in S. Texas today (who, incidentally, I always picture as stepping straight out of Varsity Blues, based on his accent and intellect) and he was saying it was 95 there. ICK. I feel for ya .... well not literally, it's chilly here.