Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the polar express

Tomorrow we leave to take the kids on The Polar Express. Doesn't it look awesome? We've never been there before but this is what I know . . . Each Christmas season, the Grand Canyon Railway becomes The Polar Express. Everyone rides wearing pajamas and while you're on the train you get hot chocolate, cookies, listen to the story and sing carols. Then you arrive in "The North Pole" and Santa is there waiting. He boards the train and passes out bells to all the kids. The kids are going to LOVE it. Oh, and it's a surprise to them. They have no idea. We're telling them we're leaving to Texas.
Anyway, I'll be gone for a couple of days. I have to finish packing and I have to finish some other things before I leave. I'm still not done with my cards and haven't even started wrapping. I don't think I've ever sent cards out this late. Don't think I'm being a scrooge this season. I am very much into Christmas this year, I've just been slacking. I'll post pictures as soon as I can.
OMG! A high of 43 where we're going?!?!?!? We were at 71 here yesterday. Brrrrr!

Oh, I almost forgot. If any of you think you might want to come to Arizona and do this next year, reserve soon. All reservations are made about a year in advance. To make the reservation, call the number on the link, you have to know what day you want to ride the train, how many people, which package and they take the payment at that time. You have until March to cancel or make changes. From what I've heard, it's really worth it.

*Ani, this is near the place we were talking about in some recent emails. Remember where I told you they got all the snow?

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Anonymous said...

Hah! I was going to comment that again it sounds as neat as you described and I saw my name:)


Michelle said...

Wow that sounds like so much fun. I don't have kids but would love to do this. I hope you have a wonderful time! Wouldn't it be funny if your kids ask Santa about the elf he sent to your house?

GnomeG said...

Ooh, the Polar Express sounds awesome!! How much fun you will all have! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Happy Christmas!!

Jesser said...

That is AWESOME! We'll have to do that when Tabby gets a bit older. Have fun!!!!