Tuesday, February 12, 2008

badger update

- Even though we've bought chew toys and chew sticks for Badger, he still loves chewing on everything. Mainly us. He got ahold of my cable for the camera and chewed through it. I haven't been able to upload any pictures. Even the one of the chewed up camera wire.

- The same day we got him, we got him a doggy bed. He's never once slept on it. Instead, he sleeps under our bed right under Rodrigo.

- He's pretty much gotten the hang of "doing" outdoors. I had friends suggest crate training, but for me, that seems a little mean. I know I have a bad notion of it because of one person I knew. She would leave her dog in the crate all day while she was at work, let it out for a couple of hours, then put the dog back in the crate for the night. I felt so bad for the poor dog and wondered why she'd have one in the first place. Anyway, that's what I associate it with. The way we trained Badger was just constantly taking him outside and praising him. He now goes and scratches the door when he needs to go outside. We're still on the praising and treats. He's also sleeping pretty much thought the night. Sounds like a baby, huh?

- The kids' new favorite store is PetCo. The one close to our house has a big display that looks sort of like a salad bar as soon as you walk in. There are boocoos of treats there, so the kids like picking them out for Badger. Right now he has some heart-shaped liver treats. Bleh. They also love that Badger can go there with us.

- This isn't related to Badger, but have you guys seen that super sad Pedigree commercial? Uh, I get all teary-eyed each time. Brianna started crying when she saw it. Ok, I need to go hug my puppy now.

feeling: horrible now that I saw that commercial again
listening to: The Shins (New Slang)


Anonymous said...

You are such a nice pet owner. I don't like the crate myself. Glad your method worked.

I hate that Pedigree commercial. Niel always changes the channel cause he knows I get upset and want to go out and adopt all the animals in them.


Jesser said...

Aww... I have never had a proper puppy. Loki sort of acted like one for a while though, I guess. We did the crate method ourselves, but that was mainly for toilet training ... during the day he was roaming the house (since Matt works @ home) or at Doggy Daycare.

Haven't ever seen the Pedigree commercial, but I am sure I would bawl. I'm such a sap for the pupppies.