Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

Alec has asked me to be his Valentine. He said he's having two this year: me and a little girl from his pre-k class. She's getting a big Spiderman valentine. I get Venom. If I could record all the things Alec says all day, I'd have my own version of kids say the darndest things.
Yesterday, Alec and I were in the car . . .

Alec: Dada doesn't eat blood
me: What?!
Alec: Dada. He doesn't eat blood.
me: What do you mean? Who said that?
Alec: Dada did. He said that at work he doesn't eat blood yesterday. There was a doctor and they gave Dada a band-aid.
me: Oh! He DONATED blood yesterday.
Alec: Yeah! He doesn't eat blood.
Here the conversation took several more minutes while I explained what "donate" meant and that it really isn't "don't eat".

Later, both kids were in bed. They had been for a while. I'd left little heart things in their rooms so that they could find them this morning. Maybe two hours after I'd put him in bed, Alec surprised us . .

Alec: That was very nice of you. The heart.
me: Thanks, but why are you still awake?
Alec: I had to get up
me: Why? It's very late and you should be asleep
Alec: I had to. I smelled heart.
me: BWAH! Ha! Ha!

So, anyway, the kids are having parties at school today. I'm Brianna's class room parent, so I'll be there. Anyone have any exciting plans? Happy Valentine's Day, all!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day.

Bahahahhaha some funny stuff!


Jesser said...

LOL. Love the funny things kids say. He is so darn cute.

Happy V'day. :)

Nanette said...

Those were hilarious!!!

Ashley said...

I love the cute things kids say. I have a 3 1/2 year old that keeps me laughing and amazed at the things he tells me. I attended his Valentine's Day party last week and had a blast listening to classmates. One wanted to call the cough man because he had a frog in his throat.

Valentine’s Day was extra special this year because my son made me a Valentine's Day present which smelted my heart. I posted a pix on my blog. I'm dreading the age when Mom is no longer really important to him.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Venom!? Come on. Give mommy a good one.