Monday, April 21, 2008

calling all independently wealthy people with nothing to spend your money on

This past Friday, the kids' school had a carnival. Alec and I went to the ATM since I knew I'd need cash for that. . . .

- Alec: can I do it?
- me: let me enter some numbers and you can get the money
- Alec: (getting the cash) I like this!
- me: yeah, me too
- Alec: can I have one of these cards? Sometimes I need money. If you give me a card I can get money from here whenever I want
- me: (thinking) if only . . .

So let me complain to you guys about money for a while. No, we're not hurting for it, but there are soooooooo many things I want. -sigh- I wish I could win the lottery without ever playing. We still need so many things for the house. Right now here are some of the things I want . . .

- the backyard: We haven't done anything to it yet. We want some artificial turf (because you know computer guy Rodrigo won't be out there tending the lawn), I wanted some oleanders, but that's not an option anymore now that we have Badger (they're poisonous). I want some sort of border. I think we need some professional landscaping advice.
- curtains for the living room: Our living room has some HIGH ceilings. We have four windows in the living room, two up high and two below those. The two low ones have curtains. The model home had some curtains that started from the top, and covered all the way down to the bottom. I want some. I've seen quotes for those and they cost somewhere in the thousands. That's right thousands of dollars for curtains. Pssh. I'd rather make them. Then I don't know how in the world I'd hang them.
- paint: before we moved in, we painted the kids rooms, the kitchen, the family room and the dining room. Now we really want to paint the living room, but again, it is super high. We'd have to rent scaffolding and/or pay an arm and a leg to have painters come out here.
- the garage: we want to get those hanging shelves to make use of wasted space. We're planning on putting the holiday bins in there. Then we want all sorts of racks and other organizing things in there.
- Brianna's room: that girl needs some major organizing bins and shelves in there. She has way too many toys and collections in that room.
- The kids bathroom: we redecorated the whole thing, now we want to paint it. I guess we should have done that first. They went from a fish theme to yellow rubber ducks. It's really cute.

I can't even list all the other things we want
- frames
- a furniture piece for the family room to function as storage for dvd's and decoration
- things for the wall in the kitchen (we have a coffee theme with black, light brown and stainless steel)

Just soooooo many things. Then we get done, we're going to get sick of it all and start all over, huh? Ah, the joys of home ownership. Don't get me wrong, though, I completely love my house and am glad to have it.

feeling: wishful
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foodiechickie said...

I hear ya Yvett. When you find the money tree. Let me know where it is ok?

Jesser said...

Always always stuff to spend money on, isn't there? I try to remember to appreciate the stuff I have, and then I take my jogger out and get all grumpy because it's a piece of crap and I really need a new one. to the tune of $400. BAH. Let me know if you find a good strategy for that lotto thing.