Saturday, April 12, 2008

crazy, crazy

It's been a crazy two weeks or so. I feel like I don't know if I'm coming or going. In the time since I last wrote . . .

- started puppy kindergarten and we've gone twice
- Alec had a dentist appointment and was a total nightmare
- Alec had to be seen by a pediatric dentist specialist
- Brianna had test week
- Brianna's class has to be transformed into Germany for a carnival this Friday
- Alec had a pre-k show where he sang
- Brianna started book club
- Brianna is going to be in a musical which she's been rehearsing for
- Badger got neutered
- Badger's stitches started bleeding and had to go back to the clinic
- set up a neighborhood watch with a detective

I feel like a driver for the kids. I think I know how my mom felt when we were kids. It seems that I'm always taking someone somewhere or picking someone up. Now with the dog, well, we drive him around too. The school activities wouldn't affect me, but since I volunteer at the school, these things involve me too. This coming week, we have . . .

Monday: let all the neighbors know about the meeting time and place for the watch
Tuesday: pre-k picnic which I'm helping chaperon then book club in the afternoon
Wednesday: puppy training
Thursday: a doctor appt. for me
Friday: Spring carnival and school musical
Saturday: follow-up appointment for Badger

Besides all the coming and going, I was planning a Harry Potter birthday party for Alec. I had made owls to carry invitations and was well within plans for the other things when he asked me if he could please have a pirate party instead. How could I say no? I mean, I felt like the first choice was really because of me. So now I'm going crazy trying to find all sorts of pirate party ideas.
Also, Brianna wants to start taking yoga lessons. There was just no way because she'd have school, book club then yoga that starts at exactly the same time book club ends. I hated having to tell her no, but there's no way I'm going to be speeding trying to get her from place to place. She understood but wants to take kids culinary classes now instead.
Back in February, Alec's class started working on a Flat Stanley project. Alec was in no way interested in the project until he saw the flat kids starting to come back. He finally made a flat Alec and wants to send it "very, very far away". So we tried to reach a friend we have in Amsterdam to no avail. I left an incoherent message to someone's number who may or may not have been Ani, and asked Jenny. She agreed but I feel like a horrible person because she's busy, sick AND I gave her the total wrong information. (I said we had to make a journal when in fact it's the person you send it to that makes it then sends it back to the school) I'm sort of embarrassed to correct it now.
-groaning- Well, I have some phone calls I need to make now. I need to talk to some moms about the 3rd grade end of year picnic and teacher appreciation week. I wonder when mom appreciation week is? I need a total massage or retail therapy ALONE. Ahhh. . .

feeling: like I have too many things in my head
listening to: U2 (Heartland)


foodiechickie said...

You are a busy, busy gal to say the least. Work is never done. Hope you get some time for a you soon.

Jesser said...

No rest for the wicked. ;)

The sadistic part of me is dying to hear about Alec's dentist appt. I have an absolute HORROR of the dentist that stems from childhood. I was sent to a pediatric dental specialist after my first visit and he was a nutcase who had me watch all of the gore in the mirror. Ugh. Now i'm going to be sick. I hope he's doing OK now!!

So is B going to do the cooking classes? Cara and Maddy on Jon & Kate + 8 did them and they looked awesome.

And I am *so* bummed A isn't having a HP b'day. I was so excited when I saw that. But pirates are cool too.

Maybe you should just get a "Jeeves" nametag and a black cap?