Monday, April 14, 2008

Harry Potter Ruined me

You know what? Ever since I finished reading the whole Potter series, I can't get into anything else. Does that make me a dork? I started reading Atonement back in February and I still can't finish. This is the first book that's even held my attention since I finished the series. I just don't care about the characters anymore. I think I'm in Potter withdrawal. When I finished the last book, I just felt like I was left hanging. I was talking to a friend of mine for about an hour about this, since we're both in the same boat. She said she still feels like "Where are my friends" (meaning the Hogwarts kids). I think we decided that we're too dorky to be good mothers and we're glad our kids are friends. What's wrong with me? I used to enjoy reading sooooo much and now everything seems "eh". I'm convinced that it was because I was left wanting more. There are YEARS of their lives that weren't covered in the books. Too many unanswered questions. -sigh- I just have to get over it. We should seriously start a support group.
I think that what I need is an AMAZING book to get me out of the slump. Could you recommend your favorite book to me? I like books that make me cry, but not something like a romance novel (think The Kite Runner). I don't care too much for mystery or scary types. Although I love the Harry Potter series, I'm not really into wizards and things like that. Care to share?

feeling: HOT!!!! 95 degrees in April, huh? I'm in for one HOT summer
listening to: classical music for Badger to sleep to.


Jesser said...

Favorite book!?!? I don't have one!! Though the HP series would come close. Love love love those books (I'll be dorky right along with you!).

I love the Traveling Pants series. I love the Earth's Children series. I am loving the No 1 Ladies Dectective Agency Series (not really mysteries ... just stories). Marley and Me was awesome and it made me cry. That'd probably be a great one for you since you just got Badger. But oh lord, soooo sad at the end. Meg Cabot (IMO, anyhow) writes good non-obnoxious Chick Lit (her adult books). I'm on good reads ... you can look me up there and see all of the stuff I've remembered to put on there.

Nanette said...

Jodi Picoult's "My Sister's Keeper" was the last really great book I read. It totally made me cry, too.