Thursday, May 08, 2008

Badger by numbers

- 9: Number of pictures that I have of Badger with green or blue eyes when the flash hits his eyes. It seems that the red eye reducer doesn't work on these.

-1: Number of beds Badger has.

-0: Number of beds he actually uses to sleep on. He prefers to sleep under our bed.

- ?: Number of inches his snout has grown. I wish I would've measured because he's no longer the little short snouted puppy seen here:

- 1: Number of complexes he has. My puppy definitely has a Napoleon complex. He'll go upstairs to bark at passing cars & motorcycles. I'm convinced he likes to feel tall to do so.

- 8: Number of friends Badger made at puppy kindergarten.

- 1: Number of times I was knocked down by one of those friends . . . a 90+ pound Great Dane puppy.

- 2: Number of times I've punished the kids by sticking them in crates. Yes, I'm kidding. When we were doggy crate shopping, the kids were getting in the crates. Of course I had to take pictures. What can I say? My poor children have absolutely no toys and have to entertain themselves any way they can. :P

- 1: Number of tags with his name misspelled. "Badser" wears his dog tags all the time.

- About one million: Number of times Badger tried to take off his cone he had to wear after the neutering.

Random puppy cuteness . . . . .

Seriously, couldn't you just squeeze him. Awww, I love my third baby.


Jesser said...

That is one cute dog. And I love the photos of the kids in the dog crate. I should save those for when Tabby is being bad in a couple of years. ;)

Michelle said...

the puppy stage is the hardest. so glad you're doing the puppy class, those are so fun and gets your puppy used to other puppies. my kenai has one blue eye and one brown eye, and the blue one turns red in pics, which is kinda amusing.

Anonymous said...

Badger is sooooo adorable!!!


Jodi said...

So CUTE!!!