Monday, May 12, 2008

tv watcher yvett

I always hear talk about Ni@ls@n ratings for TV shows but I never knew who the people doing the ratings were. This season, we're a Ni@ls@n family. It's supposed to be thousands of households, so I guess some of you have done this already. Who has? Raise your hand.
If you haven't, it's pretty easy. We are to keep a journal of whatever we watch for a week. Everything. When we got the package, I read over them. The rating period won't start until later this week, but I'm sort of making a mental list of what I watch. I realized I watch a LOT of television. I know I'm usually running around and busy, but evenings are mine. Evenings are spent at home and it almost always includes some t.v. viewing. Here's what I watch . . .

- Dancing With the Stars: shut up. I like it.
- House: I love his character, love the show
- American Idol: Yes, I still watch it. Brianna is into the show now too
- Hell's Kitchen: I don't know if I'd eat there, but I love watching
- Law & Order SVU: this is my favorite of the Law & Orders
- Top Chef: I think I've seen each episode at least three times.
- The Office: no explanation needed
- 30 Rock: hilarious
- The Soup: I've only ever seen The Hills and some other shows on funny clips here
- Countdown: we watch this every single night

That's a lot of television. I also have to track whatever is on other t.v.'s in the house. That's pretty easy. Brianna's set is seldom on anything other than Disney Channel. Alec's is usually on Noggin. Not noted on there are all the news channels Rodrigo and I have been glued to. The whole political season has been the best reality show ever. I'm at the point where I'm talking back to strategists on the screen. I won't even get started on how I talk to the president on screen . . . .

feeling: I can't wait for this school year to be over already
listening to: Weezer (Pork & Beans) <-- I think that's the name of the song


Anonymous said...

That is soo cool you are a Nielsen family. How did you do that??

Yeah we're the same way with the political shows. LOL.


Jesser said...

Hahah. At my house it's totally shallow. I don't think we've watched the news in WEEKS. I personally don't like any of the candidates and I just can't be bothered. If I bother, it's Jon Stewart. ;)

We love Top Chef and The Office and I watch L&O SVU when I run sometimes, though I just get the old ones of USA or whatever, so I have to search for one I haven't seen which is a pain.

Hey! According to Nielsen's website, they will disregard your diary because you told us you were a Nielsen family. *rolling eyes* Like I'm going to force you at gunpoint to watch my favorite show or something (and like it would matter!).

Yvett said...

Ani, they actually just called and asked us. Rodrigo spoke to them, said yes, then we received a package.

Jess, oops! You'd think they would have told us that. I had no idea. No wonder I hadn't met anyone who had done it. It's all secret undercover tv viewing. :P
I checked my stats and no one has come into my page, but I changed the words just in case. ;)