Thursday, May 15, 2008

waffles and balloons

Alec: did you and Dada live in the same house when you were kids?
me: no. Dada lived with at Grandma Lupe's house and I lived in Mamen's house (that's what the kids call my mom)
Alec: and where was I?
me: uh. . . you weren't born yet
Alec: so where was I
me: you were up in the sky somewhere (remembering what my grandma would tell me)
Alec: and then you found me?
me: yes
Alec: was I three when you found me?
me: no, you weren't any age yet
Alec: was I one?
me: nope, you were zero
Alec: zero?
me: yes
Alec: and where did you find me
me: you were born then I saw you
Alec: and where was I before?
me: you were in my tummy
me: (laughing) uh . . .
Alec: and where did you find Dada? Was he in your tummy too?
me: no, not Dada. Just you and Brianna
Alec: and Badger?
me: not Badger, don't you remember when we went to get him?
Alec: oh yeah! Badger was born in a basket
me: (laughing)
Alec: and where did you find Dada?
me: I found him at a place we worked at
Alec: was he alone?
me: yup
Alec: and was he sad?
me: yup (thinking "yeah, right")
Alec: and then you took him home and then you got married to him?
me: something like that
Alec: it's very nice of you and Dada when you get married
me: thanks
Alec: I like Dada.
me: me too
Alec: and Brianna
me: me too
Alec: and Badger
me: eh, I'm kidding I like him too
Alec: and I love you
me: I love you too
Alec: can I have waffles now?
me: sure (I was making them the whole time)
Alec: I think we should make waffles for Dada for his birthday
me: he's already at work
Alec: no, for dinner. Dada likes waffles on his birthday
me: he does, does he?
Alec: yeah, waffles and balloons -sighs- those are his favorite!

Happy Birthday, Rodrigo! I wish I could save every single conversation for you when you're not here. We love you. I love you.

feeling: sneaky, making plans for this evening
listening to: the theme song for "Franklin"


Jesser said...

OMG. What a crackup!! My sitter says I'm crazy, but I really can't wait 'til T talks more!! :)

Happy b'day to your guy. Hope it's a great one .. w/ or w/o waffles. ;)

Anonymous said...

Aww that is a great conversation. Happy Birthday to your fella:)


Jodi said...

So cute and sweet!!!