Wednesday, May 28, 2008

hola again

I didn't plan it, but I was away from my computer for almost two weeks. I didn't even check email, read other blogs . . . nothing. No computer, no internet usage for almost two weeks straight cold turkey. I think if I'd tried to do it, it wouldn't have worked out; it was just a busy time.

- The kids are out of school now and we successfully completed a 3rd grade "Luau" and a Pre-K water fun day. I went to both, helped organize one and I'm still here. I had poor Rodrigo helping me fill hundreds of water balloons the night before one of them. I'll tell you this, I don't want to be that many kids at once for a looooooong time.

- We came this close to buying another car. My Civic is getting old and we were looking to trade it in. When we came to signing the papers for the purchase, we were told that in Arizona there is no law where you have a couple of days to change your mind. That sort of did it. It was a used (excuse me, certified pre-owned) car, so we felt sort of pressured and backed out. Plus, you really can't beat my little Civic's gas mileage.

- We got a Wii Fit last Wednesday. I LOVE it. I was lucky too because we didn't have one reserved. My friend mentioned that she went to Target right when it opened to buy one. She said there was a line of about 20 people. I decided to stop by on the off chance that there were any left. There were two. They were out of the yoga mats and some other ski game, but I got the Fit. We're all hooked! It should tell you how pathetic we are that both Rodrigo and I ended up with sore arms from playing the boxing game. Sad. Oh, and the truth hurts. Seeing it out there every day on the screen is a real incentive to get moving.

- I just read an email asking me if we'd had waffles and balloons for Rodrigo's birthday. We did have balloons but no waffles for dinner. I made him some green enchiladas which is his favorite food. Yes, all from scratch. I bought him a German chocolate cake, also his favorite. We gave him a few gifts and the kids also made him some gifts. Brianna made him this amazing card, art thingy with copper paint or copper or something. It was layers of black and copper and embossed designs. I was quite shocked and impressed that she made it herself. I don't know how she did it, but it's hanging at Rodrigo's work now.

That's it for now, I have a lot to catch up on . . . . .

feeling: HOT
listening to: the kids fighting

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Jesser said...

Ahh yes... you've been quite busy while neglecting all of us, I see. Ok. You're forgiven.

The Wii fit is such a kick. I am a pro at the hula game ... although not as pro as Matt. Lousy show off.