Tuesday, July 29, 2008

cleaning house

I'm bored of my daisy template. I'm playing around with new ones so please bear with me if it looks a little weird for a while. I tend to mess them up really easily. Ugh, codes. How do computer people understand this?
I'm also getting rid of a lot of links. For a while, I'd link to practically every single blog I'd read. I really don't read that many anymore. I visit the same ones all the time (Ani, Jess, Jenny, Jenn, Nanette, Michelle . . . ). Some blogs I linked to don't even exist anymore. I thought I'd start all over and maybe find some new bloggy reads.
So tell me, tell me . . . . do you like our lion pictures? I had an idea of a collage of those head pop-in pictures. I hadn't realized how many I have. The problem is that Brianna hates taking those pictures. I don't have any of her smiling in them. All the rest of us love them but for her "it's sooooooo embarrassing". The lion one was the best I could find of her. Oh, and Alec was roaring, just so you know.
For now this is what I'll use . . . .

feeling: frustrated
listening to: Morrissey or the Smiths. Hmm, I don't know this song.


Nanette said...

I like the lions!

Jodi said...

I like the lions too!