Monday, July 28, 2008


Any given day, these are some of the things I wish for . . . .

- That the combination of something I already eat suddenly creates some amazing fat burning super mix causing me to lose a large amount of weight by doing nothing different.

- That somehow, without playing, I win the lottery no longer having to worry about the mortgage, bills, or anything. The only concern would be where to travel to next.

- That people that cut me off driving or don't stop when I'm crossing a parking lot with my kids get sudden severe cramps or pulled over and put in jail.

- That the teenagers that have been hanging out in the side of my house, yelling and horsing around for hours at a time would somehow be transported into the future, see themselves through adult eyes, realize how annoying and disrespectful they're being and come straight over to apologize to me.

- That my kids would just agree to never fight or pick on each other again. Ever.

- That the guy who rides the motorcycle or four wheeler or whatever it is around here in the middle of the night would fall over wrecking it so that he would never ride it again and feel all sorts of guilt.

- That I'd gone ahead and written a kids book I had in mind, drafts and sketches (27 Cats) before the stupid movie (27 Dresses) came out and totally took my title. Ok, the number in my title. Ugh . . . this one still gets me. I had the whole thing for TWO books in documents and drawings . . . 27 Cats, Meet the Cats and A 27 Cats Halloween.

- That I always knew exactly what to say to someone at the moment and not after I've thought the conversation through. Especially when someone if being rude.

- That the housecleaning fairies would visit my house sometimes while I slept.

- That I could invent something that everyone must have, like those little decorations for Crocs. I used to decorate my jellies with different colored ribbons more than 20 years ago, why didn't I think of this one?!?!

- That I was on Saturday Night Live or some sort of rock star.

- That I could write as well as I wrote during the whole teenage angst years. I read some of my stuff from back then and it's really good. Angst = good writing. Happy life crapy writing. For me, at least. Hmm . . . I guess I could turn to opium or become some sort of alchie.

- That I had my own party planning business where no one would ask for tacky requests.

I think that's it for now. I'm sure there's more, I just can't think of any at the moment.

feeling: my eyes hurt
listening to: NIN (The Perfect Drug)

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Jesser said...

These are good wishlist items. I can probably add a few ... mostly to do with not having to babysit people who should just do their freaking job already. ;)