Thursday, July 10, 2008

I love Brianna

I loved Brianna as a baby. I loved watching her grow, dressing her up, the way she started talking, watching her become a little girl instead of a baby, etc. I've loved everything about her. I have to say, though, that now is soooooooo fun for me. I completely love this stage she's in. I guess it was also that I wasn't expecting it. This whole transition time is something I hadn't heard about. Yes, I'd heard about the tween years, but this is more like a really eloquent little kid stage. It's hard for me to explain too, but I could listen to her talk for hours at a time.
Just a little while ago, she was telling me about the upcoming Disney Ch@nnel G@mes. I know who's going to be in it now and who's their BFF and all about the Jon@s Brothers. At the same time, she drew some pictures and a note for the tooth fairy. She owns c.d.'s now. She listens to the Jon@s Brothers, H@nnah Mont@n@, Aly & @.J, and C@mp Rock while playing with her Littlest Pet Shop collection. She had a C@mp Rock viewing party (with just Alec invited). She made out invitations, brought their sleeping bags to the family room, had popcorn but also brought all her stuffed animals to watch the movie with her. She's been working on her "collection" because a fashion designer is on a list of things she wants to be. She has a spring collection and a winter collection. Yet both were drawn in crayon and are really cute with pink, purple and flowers. She's always liked carrying purses, but now the contents include lip gloss. She still carries a little toy in there as well.
I'm not sure if I'm explaining correctly or if I can even explain. This seems different than a transition stage. It's more of a complete juxtaposition. She's not leaving kiddy things behind, she's simply adding older things and likes. You'll excuse me now. We're going to add things to her home page, most of which are pictures of puppies and kittens.

This picture explains it some more. This is one of her favorite outfits, but this day she took a LONG time choosing a bracelet that would match perfectly. She tried on several and finally chose the one she's wearing. Then we get to the museum and she still loves crawling around.

feeling: tomato withdrawal
listening to: R@dio Disney


Diana V said...

AW! How sweet! I still remember seeing her as a baby. BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Jesser said...

Awww... I have loved every age so far, but I really do long for the day when Tabby can talk to me. Brianna is such a cutie and seems like such a nice kid. I think you must've done a great job as her mom. I'm glad she can enjoy the little kid stuff along with the big girl stuff too ... don't want them to grow up too fast!