Tuesday, July 08, 2008

hello again

I'm still here. Sorry to worry any of you, but yes, I'm fine. It's been a sort of crazy summer. I remember as a kid summer was for playing and hanging out. My kids are more like "Ok, we're awake. Entertain us." I've been trying to keep them busy and not bored with some activities, but some other things have also happened. . . .

- An elderly lady crashed into the side of my car in a parking lot. Did I even write about the new car we got back in January? Well, I was driving it and she pulled out, didn't see me, didn't hear me and other cars honking at her and crashed. It sucked. I had the kids with me and nothing happened to any of us. Everyone told us that the important thing is that we're all alright. I get it, but it was still a HUGE hassle to get the car back the way it was. I JUST picked it up earlier today. To top it off, when it happened Rodrigo was in Boston, so I had to do the whole dealing with insurance and cops myself without him here for me to complain to. It's all taken care of now and the car is like it was before . . new.

- Rodrigo went to Boston for work. We knew he was going to work but there was never a definite plan until a few days before, so I didn't go with.

- The kids joined karate for the summer. I wanted Brianna to join for the self defense part of it. She didn't want to but Alec did. Then we went to his first class and Brianna decided she wanted to join as well. Living in Arizona, we can't really have them doing outdoor sports in the summer.

- There's a city-wide scavenger hunt happening. Several museums and attractions are participating. You printout a map for the location and then the kids have to use it during the visit. We've gone to a few of the places. I really like this idea because some of the museums seem like the kids wouldn't have enjoyed it as much without that purpose in mind.

- The kids got back yesterday after spending a week in SoCal. My parents came to pick them up and gave me and Rodrigo a week long vacation. Er, took the kids on vacation. Rodrigo asked for some days off and spent them with me, me, me. I wish I could say that we did all sorts of amazing fun things and went out dancing every night, but no. We took a workshop and went to lots of stores we needed to go to. We felt bad if we were away for too long from our other baby . . . Badger. What we did do was go out to eat at places with no kid menus. The times we did eat at home was also not very kid friendly. Spicy foods, melon wrapped in prosciutto, steaks in marinades they hate, wine with dinner, etc. The rest of the time was appointments.

- I've also had a lot of appointment with the kids. Dentists and eye doctors. Both are fine and I'm the one that ended up with a prescription for glasses. Astigmatism is not my friend.

- -sigh- Rodrigo finally got his wish and we got a Mac. an iMac to be exact. I have to admit that I love it. I do. I LOVE, love, love it more than I ever thought I would. I'm taking other mac workshops at our local apple store. Expect to see more posts because I am glued to this seat. Hopefully soon, I'll show you all some of the things I'm working on.

- The kids go back to school this coming Monday. The summer vacation flew by. Uh, I'm not complaining.

I can't wait to go catch up on my bloggy buddies!

feeling: I love my mac
listening to: My Morning Jacket (Touch Me I'm Going to Scream 2) <-- my absolute favorite song right now.


foodiechickie said...

You've been one busy lady! Wow back to school already!

Nanette said...

Eeek! I'm glad you and your car are both ok!

Michelle said...

so glad that you're still alive!!! so much happening! as for the mac, we have a G5 at work and I hate it hate it hate. Mostly because I don't know how to work in it, so foreign compared to windows.