Tuesday, August 19, 2008

glued to the TV

The title tells you where I've been. Better yet, I should say glued into the family room and kitchen (it opens up into the family room). We've been there since the amazing opening ceremonies and have kept up with all the events ever since. Aren't these games really, really awesome this time around?
After the games finish, I'll still be glued to the TV since the conventions are starting. Yes, yes, I'm a dork but I LOVE talking politics, listening about politics, learning new stuff about politics. I'm quite excited for the conventions. You can stop groaning and/or laughing now.

About my last post . . . thanks all for your suggestions. No, Alec hadn't complained about the amount of snack I was sending him. I made a nice compromise by sending him the same snacks I used to send only now in a little lunch bag. He loves carrying that lunchbag with his name on it. He's happy, I'm happy, problem solved.

That's my quick little post for now. I've got a busy TV viewing evening ahead of me.

Note: Brianna's math homework depends on the results of the games and medal counts so I don't feel too bad about watching. I'm doing it to help her, see?

feeling: American pride
listening to: 30 Seconds to Mars (From Yesterday)

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Jodi said...

I have about zero interest in the Olympics, but I'm all about the politics. It's what I listen to in my car, watch on tv, discuss with my husband. Sadly, I don't think most of my co-workers even know there is an election, but can tell you every damn thing that happened on The Hills. Not that I'm opposed to watching crappy tv shows--I do it myself, but how about a little well-roundedness? For the sake of our country and your future, people!