Wednesday, August 20, 2008

shower envy

Things you must know before I go on a rant . . .

1. I have a friend that is pregnant. (Well, I have a few, but this one is the one I'm posting about).
2. Another friend of ours offered months ago to host the shower.
3. Shower throwing friend hadn't mentioned anything else about the shower which is supposed to be coming up soon.
4. Another friend got concerned and wondered if there was going to be any shower at all.
5. We met at my house to offer help with the shower and see what the deal was.
6. They decided that we would each be in charge of something for said shower and divided up the responsibilities.
7. I hate it.

Why? Why? They hate me, really. All I want is to throw a nice, pretty, MATCHING shower. I want a theme. Is that really too much to ask for? For now, it seems the theme is "stuff". There's sooooo many different things going on. The nursery is going to be pink, green, and dots and each color. I figured we could make everything those colors. That's not complicated, right? They don't want to give out invitations or favors because "it's only going to be a few of us". I'm serious! I thought I was going to faint when I heard that. I insisted on invitations and now I'm also doing the favors since I'm the only one that wants to give them out. -sigh-
Here's my question and please tell me what you would do . . . do I just go along with it and be unhappy with the non-theme, do my part as pretty as I can and shut up or do I say something, pretty much tell everyone that I'll be in charge of everything and end up going over board and possibly stressed out to put everything together in a couple of weeks?

Here's what I'm wishing . . . .

1. I have them over again, go onto Jenn's page and Nanette's page and show them how a shower should look like.
2. That I would have mentioned it first and just made the shower myself.
3. That my friends don't find my blog. Heh, heh.

feeling: frustrated
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Jodi said...

I recommend that you do your part and suffer in silence, for the sake of your friend OR back out and don't do any of it. Let the others do a crappy shower and then none of the blame falls on you.

P.S. I know 12 pregnant people right now! Ack!

Bailey said...

Don't be only one in charge of everything, it will drive you crazy and I'm sure with kids going back to school you already have enough to do. I suggest making your part of the shower as pretty and as "themed" as possible and maybe invite the others over again or email all of them a picture of what you're planning and maybe they'll get the hint. It doesn't matter if only a few people will be attending, most people only have one shower and if it were me I would like it to be special.

Nanette said...

That's a tough one. It may not *hurt* to show them other showers, pointing out what you think might work for the shower you gals are hosting.

Good luck!

Michelle said...

It's going to be OK. It's going to be OK. It's going to be OK.