Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the last series

I finished Breaking Dawn sometime last week. If you still haven't read any of them, you should. It's worth reading the whole series just to be able to read the last book. It was my favorite of the series.
That said, I think this is the last series I'm going to read. Maybe it's because I'm a huge dork, but I make an emotional investment into the series books I read. Then they finish I'm left feeling like I miss my friends. I hate that feeling. I had Harry Potter withdrawal and now I'm feeling like I didn't get enough Edward. Even Jacob grew on me and I'm now feeling like I want to know more about what happened after the books finish off.
I also made the mistake of finishing the book without having anything new to read. I hate that too. I looked up some recommendations and have started reading Map Of The World. It makes me feel pretty horrible and that's the kind of book and movies I like best. I also have another book ready for when I finish this one.
It's that time again . . . any books you'd recommend. What's the one book you tell people they should read. Keep in mind that I like feeling horrible. Think The Kite Runner or House of Sand and Fog. At the same time, I didn't realize I like wizards or vampires until I read about them. Give me your recommendations, please.

feeling: LOVING this rainy weather
listening to: 30 Seconds to Mars (From Yesterday) <-- I constantly have this song in my head now because of the book I'm reading


Anonymous said...

Ever read The Lovely Bones? I cried on the subway because of that darn book.


Yvett said...

I have read it, Ani. Thanks, though.

I think I'll read it again before the movie, though. Mark Wahlberg is going to be playing the dad. Somehow, that's not the mental picture I had when I was reading it.

You should try "The Almost Moon" by the same author. That was pretty good too.