Wednesday, September 03, 2008

TV Corruption

A while back, my Bestie and I were having a conversation about how she thinks that 90210 corrupted our youth. Even though we hadn't met at the time the show was on, she had all these hilarious examples that made me absolutely agree. I saw a marathon this weekend and was getting really upset. Even as a kid, I could appreciate that the Brenda character was a brat. Still, I thought Dylan was super dreamy and that Mr. Walsh was way harsh.
Pfft. That is hardly the case now. I felt sorry for the parents this time around. The whole Dylan & Brenda relationship was too intense and they were way too dramatic. Man, they were supposed to be in high school. Lighten up. I hate the way they spoke to the poor dad. I was telling Rodrigo to imagine them as Brianna with a boyfriend. We agreed he'd have been kicked out of our home a looooong time ago.

I brought up the whole TV corrupting our youth conversation with him. We didn't really get into an explanation then, but later . . . . . . So, we were watching music videos because we think we're still kids. We saw a video with some disturbing images. Things we agree should have shocked us, yet we were really matter-of-fact about it.

me: this is horrible
him: yeah
me: it looks like a type of video NIN would've have made
him: yeah!
me: or Marilyn Manson
him: oh, yeah, it does look like that
me: this should shock us
him: we're desensitised because we saw those kinds of videos already
me: no kidding
him: nothing's shocking
me: hey! that's the name of a Jane's Addiction album
him: I'm not surprised

We went on to talk about which videos shocked us back then. Our list is pretty much the same. I started feeling like I'm completely jaded then I saw a piece of a video that really disturbed me. It was in The Kill from 30 Seconds To Mars. There's a part where there's a guy in a bear costume. I gasped at the scene and immediately felt better. I'm not a totally horrible person afterall. -sigh- Now I'm going to start working on not being shocked by political news. That riles me up to no extent.

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