Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sleepy Yvett

- As a kid, my mom and I would stay up all night some Friday nights watching movies. My dad used to have to wake up at about 4:00 a.m. and we'd stay up to wake him.

- In high school, I'd stay up to watch all the late night shows (unbeknownst to my parents). I especially did this once Conan went on the air. I had no problem waking up the next morning.

- My first "real" job's schedule was from 4pm-1am. I loved that schedule and would still go out after I got off work.

- As a flight attendant, I had the choice to pick either a.m. or p.m. flights. I picked p.m. They'd start off in the afternoons and with all the delays and everything, we'd usually end up flying all night. In one particular weekly trip, we'd arrive at Mexico City at about 6:00 a.m. After a couple hours sleep, we'd be out having brunch.

- When I first started seeing Rodrigo, I'd go into work at 6:00 a.m. This meant that I'd wake up at around 4:30 a.m. If Rodrigo and I weren't together, we'd be on the phone. Our usual hang up time was around 2:00 a.m. I remember one time that I had 20 minutes sleep before I went to work. He thought I was going to call in sick, but I had a meeting I HAD to attend.

-sigh- That's not me anymore. I'm soooooo behind on sleep. We've been getting by on very little sleep. It started off with the Olympics, went through the political conventions, and continued this weekend with a preview weekend my cable provider offered. I thought I'd have gotten some sleep by now, but we're addicted to the news. I am baffled, outraged and completely glued to the news channels. Ah, Election '08, the best reality show ever!
Plans for this weekend include sleeping, sleeping and when I'm done with that, sleeping. -sigh- I can't wait. I'm pretty tired of having my alarm go off and me just incorporating it into a dream.

feeling: sleepy
listening to: some song from Gene Loves Jezebel


Jesser said...

I am sad and have never been a night owl ... I love to get up early and get lots of things done before anyone can bug me. I routinely get into work at 6:30 for this reason. I am a nerd. ;) But yea, the Olympics killed me. And I am not a big fan of this fall stuff what with it being all DARK in the morning. That hurts.

Anonymous said...

Niel's been more of a night owl than I have. I used to watch repeats of Conan and John Stewart cause I couldn't stay up that light.

Now if I do stay up that late it is to do chores after Olivia has gone to bed.

I know I am lame!