Saturday, October 25, 2008

new camera

My Husband Went to Rhode Island and All He Brought Me Was This Awesome Camera.

I don't think Rodrigo has ever really understood what souvenirs should be. Me? Let's see, I'll buy a shirt or a mug or a keychain or any small thing as long as it has the name of the place I visited. Him, not so much. I got a sweet camera from this last trip he took. I'm not complaining, but I'd have been happy with a mug. The one time I did ask him specifically for a mug was when he went to Montreal. He brought me a beautiful blue glass mug with a pretty stand and no where on it was the word "Montreal" or "Le Montreal" or "Montreal, eh?".

Oh well. Here are some of the "real autumn" sites he got to see while away.

I'm jealous of New Englanders for having such lovely everything. Poor Rodrigo must be in shock to be back in the land of heat and cactus.

feeling: glad he's back
listening to: Coldplay (In My Place)


Jesser said...

Yea, NE is nice and all, but man, winter is like 9 mos long up there!

Anonymous said...

I could get used to the warm weather full time. LOOL.


Jodi said...

WOW!!! What a nice gift!!!

Yeah, New England/Northeast Falls are the best. I went to college in Central NY and spent every Fall Break at my roommate's grandparents house in Niagra Falls. The drive there was just gorgeous will all of the vibrant colors. HOWEVER, I will give up my Fall to not have the horrid winters we had. I'll take my 95 degrees in the last week of October, thankyouverymuch. It's worth going back east to see if you never have.