Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my kids talk too much

Some of you might be wishing your babies would talk already. I remember those days. It' really not like that anymore.

At the table the other night . . . . .
Alec: Maaaamaaaaa! (even though I'm right next to him)
me: what?
Alec: I finished all my dinner
me: that's good
Alec: now the food is having a party in my tummy
me: (laughing) yeah
Alec: they're having a game
me: oh yeah?
Alec: they're trying to see who can turn into poop the fastest. That's the winner (pronounced vinner).
me: oh, uh, (fake smile) how, uh. . . nice.
Alec: yeah, it is nice.

At a meeting for a extra curricular club . . . . .
Brianna's friend: why is your blouse so long?
Brianna: -scoffs- it's a tunic. It's supposed to be like that. Don't you know anything about fashion? (walks away)
me: (eyes wide open, mouth wide open at a complete loss for words)
- we had a talk at home about rudeness-

Picking Alec up from school . . . .
Alec: I know what that sticker says ( a bumper sticker)
me: oh yeah?
Alec. yes. it says McCain.
me: yes it does
Alec: who put that sticker on there?
me: I suppose the owner of the car (I know whose car it is too, I just didn't tell Alec because we have regular contact at the school office)
Alec: they like McCain?
me: yes, of course, and they put a pretty sticker. Isn't that nice of them?
Alec: no! Don't they know McCain turned into a troll?
me: What?!?! (looking around hoping no one heard)
Alec: yeah, I saw it on TV, he turned into a troll
me: please don't say that
Alec. OK. . . . . . but it's true.
-as it turns out, when I was making dinner, Alec was hanging around and there was a segment where a certain show was comparing McCain to gollum. I really need to change the channel once in a while. I sooooooo don't want to be influencing my kids or having them say stuff like that at school.-

Brianna after school . . . . .
Brianna: everyone liked my haircut
me: I'm glad, Bird, your hair looks very pretty
Brianna: yeah I know. Even though it's shorter now, I still have the prettiest hair in my class. I think maybe in the whole school.
me: uh . . . . .
Brianna: I don't make it up, all my friends told me too.
me: (thinking): great
- I don't know what to say to her sometimes. I want her to be modest, but it's kind of hard to change someone's mind when all their life you're telling them they're beautiful and smart.

feeling: I wish I had a mute button for the kids sometimes
listening to: J0n@s Brothers (Lovebug)

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Jesser said...

I love the "what the kids say" posts that people do. They really have such interesting thoughts and you can totally see how the world is affecting and shaping them. The Alec/McCain thing made me LOL.