Monday, October 13, 2008

update of sorts

Let me fill you in on what is going on around here. . . . . . . .

-sigh- Since the kids are in a year-round school schedule, today they went back to school after a three week fall break. A very lengthy three weeks. They were to the point where they were together all the time, but fighting most of that time. It was time to go back. Time for them and time for me.

- Congratulations to Nanette and Brent on their new lovely baby girl! I hadn't had any bloggy reading time and I just found out this morning!

- Thanks to all you who offered to look for the mesh sponges for me. I ended up buying some nylon netting. It was a super good deal at 90 cents a yard. That's right, 90 cents. Then yesterday I walked into my grocery store and they had a bin full of pink sponges in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. So, I would have found some anyway.

- Brianna's birthday isn't until late December. Poor Brianna always gets the shaft as far as parties go. It's just such a busy time for everyone. She decided she wants an early party. A costume party to be exact. I've been looking for all sorts of gross recipes for her party. I'm surprised at just how far people go. I was literally gagging reading some of the stuff. So now she's at an age when she and her friends want to be "ewwing" at the food, but not so much that they can't eat it. A lot of the stuff is gross just because of the name. Think dried cranberries in a bowl labeled "dry scabs". Bleh.

- We woke up this morning to record low temperatures. It was 40 degrees this morning. FORTY!!! WTF? In Arizona . . . in October. We were obviously unprepared and freezing. I went into a panic until I heard all the meteorologists saying it was just a front and will be back to normal 90 degree temps by the end of the week. Good. Seriously, I complain about the heat, but I'm totally used to it. I can't handle cold weather anymore. As if I ever could.

There are a few things I wrote that I want to elaborate on, but I really need to get Alec ready for school. He's soooooo excited to see his teacher and friends again. I can't wait to get into his room and clean it in a way I can only do when he's not around. You know what I mean, getting rid of some toys. -insert evil grin here-

feeling: freezing!
listening to: Alec talking to me about Jedi's

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